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Poi on the Patio - DivX avi (30mb)

Such a lovely sunny day this morning I thought I'd have a spin...

The polyrhythm buzzsaw fountain is really sketchy, as are a couple of other things... Perhaps had I not been constantly looking at the reflection in the windows would've been better wink

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Posted:seiously Geeky: sweet as!

I think my favorite bit was the wallplane 1.5 into airwrap: that looked smoooth!

And all the gliding looked kickass.

Nice one! biggrin

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Posted:Trippy stuff dude! The throws were mighty impressive!!


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Posted:I think you skool in a good way us all, sensei Durbs
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Posted:Poi + Patio = Poitio

I {Heart} hand me downs and spinning in the snow.<br /><br />


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Posted:Niiice whip catch there!

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fake teeth and glue

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Posted:stealing old moves? i think every time someone does a move its new, with new possibilities and new horizons, and when finished is a move that has been done and is old and wise and then is reborn the next time it is performed and chosen.

nice one btw.

you just lost the game!!!!!! !!!!!

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