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Well, i've just started Poi again, after a couple of months break for health reasons, and i come back not knowing ANYTHING that i first learnt (was only spinning for about 2/3months before i had to stop) So im in dire need of new moves...pretty easy eh?? Not really, i dont understand all this technical stuff, to be honest it really confuses me and i just dont bother trying because i know i'll get it wrong. So im looking for new moves, that people can tell me how to do in VERY SIMPLE terms. Here is a list of things that i can remember to do, so anything easy that isnt on the list i would love to learn:

Forward spin (same time and split time)
Backward spin (same time and split time)
Weave, forward (same time and split time)
Butterfly/giant butterfly

Which is really REALLY not a lot, so any help is useful. Oh and i've looked at the lessons, but didn't find them too useful because i need explanations.

Thank you all ^_^

ummmm...........anybody have any suggestions as to what i can put here?!

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Well it sounds like you haven't lost the basics, which is good. You might try searching these boards for things like backwards weaves, turning with weaves, thread the needle, high turn, low turn, chasing the sun, fountains, wiggles, take-outs....

The main thing to remember if you want to progress quickly is to learn each move forwards, backwards, left to right, right to left upside down and inside out wink Every move you learn try to think of all the different ways of doing it, and learn to turn with everything, so you can link them together.

Hope this helps smile

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Well if that's your list of moves so far....I'd go for the reverse three beat weave, and then figure out how to turn between the fwd and rev weaves..in both directions (ie turning to your right and turning to your left )

Practice your weave( s) both in front, and on either side of your body

And now would be a good time to consider the windmill too, and work out the transitions between weave and windmill.

Don't forget the reverse butterfly, and turning between fwd and rev, both directions.

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Sounds like by weave (3 beats or more, just like this emot weavesmiley , which hand is on top alternates each time) you're actually referring to crossing (2 beats) If I'm wrong then almost all of the rest of this post is totally ignorable smile

so other than learning everything you know now, with the Poi spinning the other way (ie if both clockwise, make them now both anticlockwise), the next most go for would definitely be the 3 beat weave, most find it easier to learn the forwards version first.

easiest way to teach it (when in person anyway, going to sound terrible typed) is one Poi in right hand, one beat to your right side, one beat over your left arm, one beat under your left arm. repeat.

then same thing with one Poi in left hand, beat left side, beat over right arm, beat under right arm.

then try to work out how to get both Poi going at once.

while one side is doing the over&under part, the other Poi is doing the single beat, and vise versa.

it's the beat under the arm done on the opposing side to the Poi holding hand that people usually miss out somehow, on one side or the other.


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