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Hi,I'd like to start by telling you guys and girls that i'm just amazed of what you can do with these poi's.. I saw it for the first time ever this weekend and got stunned by it. I just had to try it. I sat down and read all the poi leassons in here, imagined them into my head, studied them and then ordered a pair.But, when I got them into my mail today, I got confused, these poi's have double straps, not a single one as the one in the leassons here does. Well, that shoulnd't really be a problem, right!?Well, I'd still want to check with you for the best grip using these double straped poi's.. I don't want to start out handling them the wrong way...Sincerly,Mattias Segerdahl

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Hey Mattias,I'm a newby too, but welcome to the world of poi.As far as I know it's just down to personal preference. I use my first and little finger, it allows you to put your hands into a claw like shape. But try all combos and go with the one you find most comfortable. Changing holds can help when learning some moves to start with.Enjoy!!L8ersM'Reality used to be a friend of mine, Dr Hoffman soon changed that.'

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Mattias,I use my first and third finger in the loops. But as Marlboro says try it different ways you may find a better combination for you.Happy swinging
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Hi I'm pretty new to poi well only a few months I'm just going to add another opinion to confuse you even more
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I use my 2 middle fingers. As in if you start at the index finger I use the second and third.I don't really know why but it seems to give the smoothest swing and the grips are less likely to fall off your fingers.What I really want to know is what is the best grip for 2 poi on one hand if each has 2 grips?

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Hi Mattiaas... I find with the double straps that is easiest to hold them onm the first two fingers -- more control than if you use a pinky... however i agree with the other lass -- it is always personal preference. Like yourself I am a beginner and that was what was shown to me as being simplest.Good Luck!!

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I hold them in my first 2 fingers also. However, my mother who I enlisted likes to hold them in her index and ring fingers instead. Havent personally tried that one yet.Beware all newbies to the poi world! This is just a fad. Remember that well! This will pass and it will fade out of your memory, unless you start knocking peoples shows with a bunch of lame ass moves for dirt cheap price. Most of you will not be here in 4 months, it will have faded, but not until you have given away what you know to 100 other people and keep the FAD burning!!!!


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