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  Posted: I've been using Yakumo for games, and online since I was 15, so.. lets just say over 10 years now wink

I never really particularly liked or felt attached to the nicknames I'd been called by others at school etc.

I'd felt at the time, it's not the nick that counts, it's what you make of it, choose something you like, and make it yours.

I chose Yakumo on a whim, I needed something, and didn't want to use my real name to play a game, I quite liked it and liked the character I took it from, it was years later I found out it's true meaning (eight clouds) which I also liked, but don't really feel it represents me any more. I really beleive in 'make it yours' but right now I guess I feel it's a little out of place, for the first time I feel perhaps it's not right for me, and where I'm going (wherever that may be..) and maybe I should try something a little different, I still sometimes attach 'unr' (from my old quake2/3 clan) to the end of it if 'Yakumo' is an unavailable choice, or if something requires a surname, but that is really a life I've long left behind now.

<edit: ok, much as I'd like to deny it sometimes that whim was largely based on 'Yakumo' from an anime called 3x3eyes, I liked the character, though I wish he'd opened his eyes, he made me laugh, and kept dying in stupid ways and respawning so seemed very apt for the game I was about to play with my friends (doom or Quake 1 I forget), I also liked how protective he was of Pai, I feel that way about those I care for too>

So that brings us to this topic, how did you chose your nick, how long have you used it? have you/do you change it? are you happy with it still? do you feel it represents you?

And to make more of a conversation of it,or if you don't want to talk about yourself, please comment if you can on how you feel about the nicks of other posters in this thread, (or any other HoP'er) and how well you feel their nick represents them smile

maybe I just feel I need a real, complete fresh start, bundled in with thoughts of maybe finally leaving where I've lived for 7 years. But with Spinners is where I want to stay smile

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