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YakumoYakumoSILVER Member
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I've been using Yakumo for games, and online since I was 15, so.. lets just say over 10 years now wink

I never really particularly liked or felt attached to the nicknames I'd been called by others at school etc.

I'd felt at the time, it's not the nick that counts, it's what you make of it, choose something you like, and make it yours.

I chose Yakumo on a whim, I needed something, and didn't want to use my real name to play a game, I quite liked it and liked the character I took it from, it was years later I found out it's true meaning (eight clouds) which I also liked, but don't really feel it represents me any more. I really beleive in 'make it yours' but right now I guess I feel it's a little out of place, for the first time I feel perhaps it's not right for me, and where I'm going (wherever that may be..) and maybe I should try something a little different, I still sometimes attach 'unr' (from my old quake2/3 clan) to the end of it if 'Yakumo' is an unavailable choice, or if something requires a surname, but that is really a life I've long left behind now.

So that brings us to this topic, how did you chose your nick, how long have you used it? have you/do you change it? are you happy with it still? do you feel it represents you?

And to make more of a conversation of it,or if you don't want to talk about yourself, please comment if you can on how you feel about the nicks of other posters in this thread, (or any other HoP'er) and how well you feel their nick represents them smile

maybe I just feel I need a real, complete fresh start, bundled in with thoughts of maybe finally leaving where I've lived for 7 years. But with Spinners is where I want to stay smile

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i get called tigger or spike at work and school but one of mi best m8s came up with tigerchic. probably coz i collect tiger toys and stuff like that.

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darkness-beforedarkness-beforeGOLD Member
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Darkness before is short for darkness before the light. From an old song "the darkest hour is always just before dawn" and an old saying before that. Just came up with it when trying to invent an email address i would remember that would be easy for other folks too.
Everybody shortens it to darkness but that sounds dort of Goth/EMO which really isn't me.
Had loads of nicknames in school, Jonah, sonic, John boy, Tom, blink.... Noah was the only one that stuck Pepole from school still see me an say "hey Noah" an my other freinds are like what did he call you?
Darkness is just for the T'inter-net though.

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jarlejarleGOLD Member
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I'm sure you've heard the one about the neighbours newspaper, so I'll restrain myself.

Lesse, Jarle is kind of a long story, at least when you're typing. There's a (now old) game called Chrono Cross, and during the game you get a character dressed as a harlequin, or Harle for short (damn letter restrictions!). Anyways, I was lazy, and couldn't be bothered thinking up a cool name (I think I named the main character Wonky or something random) so I just substituted the H for a J, hence Jarle.

Other than that, people just call me by my name (either first or last) or recently by 'Gingerbeard' from my cousins. There's a prize for guessing where THAT one came from!


monseratmonseratSILVER Member
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I thought I'd put my explanation in here but can't see it, must've been in a PM to someone. Anyway...

My real name being Martin I get called Tin, Tinman, Chuz (short for Chuzzlewit) and Martian by various people. I also get called Cinders by a bloke in my local because he (jokingly) thinks I have an ugly sister.

monserat comes from when I was at school and was the first nickname I had that really stuck. It started off as a joke in French as monsiuer that became mon-sewer which in a play on my surname became mon-sewer cabball which, when someone noticed the similarity to the opera singer's name Montserrat Caball, became monserat. It's what I've used online since I was at college for pretty much everything although no-one really calls me it anymore, I think I may have outgrown it a bit now. Looking at the above list I'm starting to think that Chuz suits me better these days!

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squidsquidBRONZE Member
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ooh, names huh?

sQuid is a tag I picked up back as a teen when I was running the streets and had a penchant for "picking up" anything I got my sticky fingers on. Im talking young kid stuff.

I kept it as I got older and started tagging it on walls and stuff to mark my realms. (I did not hang in conducive circles)

I dropped it for years until my last few years of university when my degree in fine arts prompted me to follow the transistion of art from the perspective of communication: hieroglyphs of Mayan, Aztec, and Egyptian to the development of language in character languages (Greek alphabet to Chinese character symbols) all the way to Lettrism of the 1970's and modern day Grafitti art.

That all led me back full circle to my past life and I picked up "squid" on paper and canvas to reconnect the symbolism of letters to the beauty of design.

This is when I started to capitalize the Q in sQuid to symbolize the "questioning" factor; the Quixotic nature of fate; the deliciously chocolate flavore of NesQuik, and any other associations I could find with "Q".

Overall, the squid represents to me how each tentacle of myself has delved into so many different aspects of life. (Especially my hobbies and toys!) I dabble in music, teach art full time, spin with religious zeal, and even tuck into a few kids card games like Magic:the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh. :P

sQuid just fits me. I didn't choose it per se. It just was like two fishies swimming in the same current for a while. We go together well. its been ...20 years now? Geez Im old.

oh, btw: I dont condone any of those activities from the first part. Im 32 now and have been blessed enough to make it away from that kind of situation. But there are some things (like this name) which can't be escaped. rolleyes
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SethisSethisBRONZE Member
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I'm Sethis on the net and at LAN events, it's a bastardization of the Egyptian god Set (Seth) and was the name of my first ever Diablo 2 character!

Plus I prefer it to my real name, but getting my name changed is just silly. Plus Sethis Gilbert doesn't have a good ring! biggrin

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MynciMynciBRONZE Member
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Neither does Mynci Broomfield ubblol long time no see sethis hug since falmouth last year in fact hope your well dude.

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My real names Harriet which then became Harry which my lovely sisters made into Barry which then became Baz, so then after a friend overheard i due to embarrassment said it was Haz which then another friend changed to Hazington. at the end of the day im stuck with Hazington, Bazington, Bazamataz, rat girl, weaseli and from my boyfriend baby bum i think im scared of my nick names.

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shocked_prawnshocked_prawnSILVER Member
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my realy name is robyn.... all my mates call me pidge, or pigeon... given to me cos of the way i walk.
i did however dub my best mate laura "lemon head" although everyone calls her sretch.
then theres toya - tich or the little emo
everyone else just tries to give themselve bad nicknames but it never really sitcks if you make them up yourself!

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'The juggling man' is my latest one, from the kids next door. Bouncing on the trampoline to watch over the fence.

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They name I use now is the most common My friend Ian and jess gave it to me jess called me kitty cause I always had my hair in two on the top of my head when I did wrestaling but the kill came in when one of ian's frind slap my behind and let him have one in the face and kill came to the end of it.

the other one I have is knightglory cause my name is Gloriajean knight and I thought it was fun

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alien_oddityalien_oddityCarpal \'Tunnel
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in highschool i got called "bloomers" because of my last name, at work i got called "bundie" as in al bundie and on here i get called rave

BrennBrennPLATINUM Member
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I carry two online names: 'Abaddon' and 'Brenn'

Abaddon i've used since high school in gaming circles, and 'Brenn' is a slight adaption of my own name which I tend to use in more role-playing type of games. As of late it now doubles as a performer/instructor/nickname smile


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pineapple petepineapple peteSILVER Member
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yeah, i barely know brenn as anything other than brenn smile


"you know there are no trophys for doing silly things in real life yeah pete?" said ant "you wont get a 'listened to ride of the valkyries all the way to vietnam' trophy"

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IgnisLeoGOLD Member
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Interesting thread about the meaning of nicknames. My real name is Oliver, but as I wanted to register with HoP to order some poi, I realized that I need a nick. Fine, it should have something to do with fire, but what else? So I came up with my star sign (leo), combined it with "ignis" for fire, and that's all behind the meaning of IgnisLeo wink.

mike_jugglesmike_jugglesSILVER Member
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See, I could never understand choosing your own nickname. Nicknames to me are a name given to you by your friends or family that reflect a certain something about you, or were just a joke in the first place.


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MojojoMojojoGOLD Member
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This is a v. cool thread, love hearing all the stories!

btw I always thought of '87wt2gxq7' as 'code'

Have a friend who writes the LONGEST emails, and to try and out do her on a reply, about six of us at work wrote the longest email we could, pasted them all together, and still could not compete. In one of the six replies, a friend had referred to me as mojojojo. Signing up for some forum or other on the same day, tried username: mojojojo but it was taken, so shortened it to mojojo.

Mojojojo when spoken has that bouncy rhythm thing going on, but I quite like the way mojojo just sort of cuts off, no bouncy rhythm, and I like the three syllables.

Was always 'ferret' as a kid, but that has weasely smelly implications, even though I always said it was because I was small, cute, and highly intelligent!

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WooktasticWooktasticBRONZE Member
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I have many nicknames. Some I like and some I'm not so fond of.
I'm Chewie, Sasquatch and Wookie because when I yawn I sound like Chewbacca (hence Wooktastic).
I'm the Eyeball Kid, but that's just a performance name.
Stephe the hat, because of my awesome hat.
Two of my closest friends have reffered to me as Aragorn and every other god damn name he is ever addressed as in the books because they apparently think I'm all noble and stuff, and, in Gwen's words "YOU SLEEP IN DITCHES!"
Gwen has also called me Qui-gon.
I got called Bulbasaur in an incident involving salvia.
I get called Wolfie and Puppy a lot.

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fanged_angelfanged_angelBRONZE Member
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i used to go by underscore35 (hence my email address) which came from a very elaborate incident involving some lycra, a vin diesel lookalike and a hell of a lot sand...
on HoP and everything else i signed up to post underscore35 and before last christmas i used fanged angel or fanged angel 666 or various variations of it this one came from my girlfriend and is because well lets try an keep things pg and just say i have an intrest in vampires wink
recently tho iv been using poiromaniac, (as in a combination of poi and pyromaniac) it arised on nye im not sure who made it up but somebody had changed the bluetooth name on my phone to poiromaniac and its sorta stuck. people who dont know my real name but have seen me spin fire often call me poiro which i quite like i think it suits me or atleast i hope it does.
i go by poiromaniac on xbox live and lots of americans cant pronounce it, might just be me but i thought it was pretty easy to annuciate.

(and i say lots of americans cant pronounce it not as a slur on intelligence or the fact they spell words different to us over here in blighty but because the majoirty of people i encounter online are american, or atleast the ones that bother to talk anyways smile)

hamamelishamamelisBRONZE Member
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I don't really have a nickname.. I mean, no-one every uses my HoP one off here, and the fact I changed from one needlessly long strange word to another didn't help.

Well, unless you count 'Heather'- which isn't a nickname, it's just the name I get called at least once a week by random people who think that actually is my name, even though it is not, and has never been.. Never did figure that out, I've been called it by everyone from my old teachers to random friends since I was about 10.

The only other attempt at a nickname I've had was the unflattering 'Worzel' as in Gummidge, because I dressed like a tramp. That didn't last long though..

Though my dress sense has not improved.


If that's okay with you?

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i used to be on here as firelynx, but was offline for so long that the email i signed up with fell off the edge of the world.
i have had various usernames on various sites that are combinations of various words/names i like the sound of or words/names that have meaning for me. Some are combined to give a certain feel, usually reflective of my internal contradictions, like honeyfire (as i am on the eplaya), flavorswirl, sweetsharpcreamy, sugarblade, and so on.
I keep wanting to just use my actual name, but someone has usually beaten me to it.
SO i have stuff like the ones listed above and
puckgirl (hockey + Shakespeare)
i almost used VenIce (like Venus, but with ice for hockey, plus Venice is a very cool place)
varadilynx, which shortened to vlynx
(varadi is, for me, a hockey reference, for about 5 minutes i was Varadi42, referent to 42 Varadi Ave, Brantford, Ontario, the childhood home of The Great One, Wayne Gretzky, semi-arguably the best pro hockey player ever).

And this is just some of my screen names.
I won't even go into my acoustic nicknames... *snork*


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