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Posted:hey folks,
my travels ended this weekend and im back in the uk for xmas.
I just want to say thanks to all the people who made me feel missed whilst i was away and especially to dentrassi for taking me to the pub and getting me drunk, for bellydancing in a rock bar, and for teaching me spinny goodness and intorducing me to great people like duncan who is eternally friendly.
thanks heaps also goes to tash (small and flaming) for looking after me as a total stranger when i was in new zealand and her friends for being nce when i was spinning disgracefully!

thanks to everyone who made it a little bit easier for me
and a lot more memorable.
Becs xxx hug hug hug

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Posted:I didn't get to meet you but your signature was one i remember smile I'm glad you had a safe trip and that you made it back to the UK safely. Merry Christmas smile


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Posted:hey hun!
was lovely seeing you on our sunny shores! hug

am planning a trip over that way in the not too distant future so will hopefully see you again soon.

E ubbrollsmile

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