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Posted:Well I've been working on spinning to the left just regular.....yea, I suck and can only spin to the right where it looks normal....anyways, I've been noticing I wrap it around my hand and just keep feeding it in like that to keep it going so it got me wondering and practicing only spinning with using my wrists....Is there any videos or something like this out there or has anyone else ever thought of it?



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Posted:Palm rolling or fishtailing maybe?


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Posted:I don't know any staffers who do use their fingers - generally their staffs are too heavy and you've got more chance of dropping the staff smile

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Posted:Or breaking your fingers...

Its handy enough if you have pixie sized staffs though. And they generally work better if your pixie sized.

Mavado, there is a tutorial for continious hand rolls on MCP's contact tutorials site. You can find her profile on here with linkage...

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Posted:I fingerspin with doubles, not so much with big contact staffs thou.

errr linkage: http://mcp.tepookatoys.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=107&Itemid=30
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Posted:I fingerspin but I use a shorter staff too.

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Posted:i fingerspin with my staffs, they're heavier than most. but i only do it to put in an extra rotation before a btb or watever, just to stall it before a big movement.

Cant say ive broken or hurt anything, but i wouldnt do it for a whole routine.


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Posted:No no no, not finger spins. I mean just flat out no fingers at all or thumbs. Simply spinning with only your palm, wrists, arms and such.


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Posted:Yea you can do that but it takes a while of practicing lots of contact to not need to use your hands at all. You can pretty much substitue any hand movement for a fishtail, wrist propellor or palm spin. Palm spins are easiest to get i recon.

If you wanna learn to spin without using your hands your talking about contact staff look around MCP's site (link above) or have a look at mine www.inspinerate.com should be enough between them to keep you busy for the next 2-3 years or so.

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