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So in the total of 7m 32s I was spinning at BoB, I spent most of it watching G (Flaming Deity) doing cool things with 1.5's and some other people have been playing with them too, so thought I'd expand a little on other variations people are playing with smile

[Old link] for basic 1.5s and some variations

"Wrong arm"

Same as a basic 1.5, but the "wrong" arm does the pendulum. e.g. Fwd 1.5, but the right arm does the pendulum on the left hand side of the body

...leads into...

1.5 Fig 8's (Or something)

If you've got basic and "wrong arm" 1.5's - spin them alternately in wall plane - a bit like a TTN motion with more vertical change (well, your arm does a fig-8)

BTB 1.5's

Same motion as btb weave - but 1.5'd

Waist-wrap 1.5's

Same motion as ww weave - but 1.5'd


As in the BTH version in the video, but the "1" is BTB. Tricky (I think)

1.5 flower wierdness.

If you've got the split-time arm antispin butterfly wall plane flower (Or "Stuart" for short wink ) - the point where the 2 circles meet in the middle and whoosh across sets you up into a 1.5 (or double parallel stall if you fancy). It can then be mixed into a 1.5 fig 8 thing then wooshed back the other way

Any others?

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 Written by: Mireneye

I've worked on these for a while. Somehow these make much less sense to me then polyrythm , however I still tried something today. Mixing polyrythm with 1.5. Say when one hand is doing two beats, polyrythmic and the other one does a half. Does that Make it 2.5 ???

Welllllllll, this where a slight problem comes in...

1.5's aren't actually 1.5 beats...
They're one beat and 2 half-beats - which is why they work...
'Cos in actual fact for every beat one poi does, the other poi does 2 pendulums.

Ignoring that however a "2.5" would be the same as 1.5 except the poi heads would meet every other beat of the full circle. So yes, bascially, a poly-1.5 (with an unwritten footnote reading "Not actually .5 though" wink )

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I see. How funny that the two concepts clash in that way. I guess it's theoretically ( according to these theories ) pretty much impossible. 'course nothing is really impossible apparently. biggrin

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One thing that kinda confuses me. In a weave I've got no problems with a 1.5 but have you ever tried something like - normal time butterfly, both hands alternate a pendulum every 2nd beat e.g.

L: beat - pend - beat - pend
R: pend - beat - pend - beat

however I can't seem to get the timing right, for me it works better with 2 beats for one pendulum (e.g. polyrhytm). Is it just me or is it realy (almost) impossible to do correctly..?:)

Tho considering you can do a weave with 1 or 2 pendulums, all without a change in timing (for the one beat on the same side and one of the beats on the other side, depending whether fw or rew) I think it's me smile

Smile.. It confuses people..:)

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got something nice going, doing forward 1.5's yesterday. which ill now confusingly describe tongue

(for this example, it shall be on my right side, so the right hand does a pendulum, left hand does a beat) so, im doing a 1.5, forward. instead of the left doing a full beat, i catch it, at the *same time* the the right hand pushes forward with the pendulum. this left my in a state so my right elbow was just about my left wrist. i then threw the left poi head into a hyperloop, quickly got out of that. repeat on the left side

let me know if that made no sence biggrin


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ive worked them out, now yaayness forwards, backwards and turning, plus half way around the turn is something very reminiciant of Plod Plod WAAAAAVE TSUNAMI!!......but its confusing and ive tried for about 10 minutes to write down what it is....i'll just show you all when i meet you....also just realised the reference to Play is lost on those who werent there...and most of those who were lol

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Weave 1.5(wheel plane)

-Foreward one is easier as 'usually'. You need reallize
that even you pendulum a while, your hand still move in
weave motion. This is especially needed when backward.

Butterfly 1.5

I've thought about point, that within weave, both pacman
(the interesting part of this move) move the same dirrec-
tion. This meen with buttefly weave(wheel plane) to have
them different at each side.

By trying this, I've found it quite difficult, because of
the pendulum. One need to start the pendulum from differ-
ent side(wall plane) to get this I think(I didn't).

Or do it wall plane. I've tried this with resolution in
copposite pacman or polyrhytm mix.

This supposed to be solved!




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cute little things!


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I think that the butterfly 1.5 is like a 2 petal antispin....

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I've been playing with wall-plane 1.5s. I really like the pattern that makes.

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