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I'm new to spinning in NYC and I'd like to meet some people or find out where spinners (I'm interested mainly in poi and staff) gather on a regular basis.

Please contact me here or at jessetr at yahoo dot com or let me know where gatherings can be found.



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Ahhh - you seem to have missed the "Meet Others" section of the forum smile

You'll probably want to post this there instead of the "Staff Moves" section - D'oh!

(Welcome to HoP by the way biggrin )

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Hey Jesse

I hope your a staff spinner, coz if your not, you have entered the dark side... Look at durbs... he still thinks hes a contact juggler rolleyes

You might want to take down your email address too, unless you want spam up the wazoo.

Theres a heap of spinny folk in NYC. They meet in Thomkins square park every 'x' night...

Or they did, two years ago, and I think it was a thursday redface

Meet Others is where its at smile

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