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Why is it that somedays you wake up in mood that makes you fall out with yourself, i've had one of those today, tried all my usual ways of pulling my self out of it but to no avail(by the way i'm not a moody person, i find it much easier to smile than frown) I even came on to HOP this afternoon and didn't have the patience to leave a thread (whats wrong with me) I feel like i have too much energy and need to do something, but can't be bothered to do anything(does that make sense to anybody else apart from me??) So i have decided that i'm going to go out to the park in a bit and frantically spin some fire(its about 6.30pm here in north England)hopefully that will sort my self pittying sorry ass out. I'm really sorry for bothering everybody about this but i needed to get it out somewhere.

Thanks for listening

Love & Peace

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Too much energy?? I'm the opposite today, have been for too long and it's catching up with me work/course wise. I have no will to do anything, deadlines pile up and I could really care less. It's kind of frustrating cause I know I want to get back into the groove but have yet to actually do so. Maybe I should have taken 3 less credits this semester.

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