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Posted:Ok, this is kind of war-related, but not really, so let's please avoid making it a debate since it really doesn't have to be. And Mods, go ahead and move it if you like, it won't bother me.

Anywhoo... We have a number of U.S. Servicemen (and perhaps some from other countries) on HOP.

Off the top of my head, I'm thinking of Pozee (who isn't in the Service anymore last I heard, but was considering going back), Raymund, and Spanky. Not sure if I'm forgetting anyone else.

Anyways, does anyone know about there whereabouts, or if their whereabouts are known?

-Mike )'(
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Posted:I don't Mike but wherever they are I hope for their safe and speedy return home.

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Posted:I have a few friends that are somewhere over there, no news from them either. I hope they're staying away from harm but all of them are marines, either part time or full time, so I can imagine they'd be in the thick of things.

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Posted:I found out that some of the UK Marines that got killed the other day were from the same battalion (is that the word?) that my ex (darling vinnie ) is in - I'm not in contact with him any more - but I hope it wasn't him - love and hugs to the family who lost family tho ...

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Posted:I too have friends in the military...None that I know of here on HOP tho.I was friends with many of them because of being in JROTC all 4yrs in high school.Many decided to join the armed services.I don't really know where they are at right now,but wherever they are I hope they are ok.I'd also like to say the same for ANY service men or women,whether fighting or not.

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Posted:I dont have any direct link to any one in the millitary that was sent to war. nore with any from hop that is in the servase. but tose solders, whether they enjoy it or not, have to be there and fight. those solders are out there doing thier job and i just want to say im proud of them and i hope that they get home to their families safe and unharmed.

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Posted:hey Mike, answer with Ray is I don't know.

There is no communication at the moment, but he warned me that that would happen. All I can say is that he is safe and well until I hear otherwise.

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Posted:Last word form Ray was he was in Japan wasn't he?

Well hopefully he's just so busy drinking kirin in nampa bars and being picked up by kawaii (cute) girls to think of us!

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