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MalcolmMalcolmSAPPHIRE Member
HOP admin
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26th October - It's our 8th Birthday

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Wow, time does fly by when you're having fun smile.

With eight candles on the cake we have continued to learn, grow and evolve.

But HOP is nothing without it's friends, and I wish to voice our thanks to many of you.

A big thanks to all those HOPers who have helped to nuture and grow the community over the last 12 months.

Thanks to the moderators, Pele, Pyrolific, Flash Fire, Charles and Dom. And those that notify us when someone strays in their travels.

Also hug for those that have contributed towards lessons and articles for the site: fireNice, Pele, Dom, Mr Majestic, Paul Gleeson, Nick Woolsey, Jamie Dunnett, Doc Lightning, Liquifies Through Contact, PK ...

Plus the many artists that submitted videos for this years COL project.

Thanks to those that keep the website server running and updated: Dom, and all the staff at Digiweb(NZ).

Thanks to the many thousands of HOPers who support the site by purchasing from the HOP store and for taking the extra time to write such helpful product reviews. As well as the hundreds of entrepreneurs who support us by using our affiliate program.

Thanks to all the staff both at HOP headquarters and our factory/warehouse. Special thanks to Chris and George in leading the teams. And thanks to the many shops all around the world who continue to buy wholesale from us.

Thanks finally to you, just for being a part of this special caring community.


Kindest regards

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Malcolm Crawshay

PS: For our 10th Birthday we are doing something special.

May your balls always burn

Rouge DragonRouge DragonBRONZE Member
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wheeee! ooh! so exciting! HAPPY HIPPY BIRTHDAY HOP!!!

bounce bounce2

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MikeGinnyMikeGinnyGOLD Member
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(I wish I could find my "dancing fat man jumping out of a cake" animation I used to use...)

And thank YOU, Malcolm. For everything! hug2


Certified Mad Doctor and HoP High Priest of Nutella

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SkulduggerySkulduggeryGOLD Member
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Without this place I might never have met Jon or the huge bunch I now count as good friends.

Thank you Malcolm and team kiss grouphug

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blu_valleyblu_valleySILVER Member
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Happy Birthday HOP



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DomDomBRONZE Member
Carpal \'Tunnel
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Wow, 8 years!
Congratulations to all the HoP crew and especially Malcolm who started all this from humble beginnings, through good times and hard, and has built up a great business surrounded by a great community. beerchug
I've been on this site for over 5 years and have been lucky enough to have contributed my part to the site (and yes, I know some people still want the grey back!) and I'd like to say thank you to everyone for making this a community and an interesting place to hang out. grouphug

!!Looking forward to years and years more!!

jo_rhymesjo_rhymesSILVER Member
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Happy Birthday!!

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MynciMynciBRONZE Member
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wooo bounce Happy Birthday Hop biggrin

A couple of balls short of a full cascade... or maybe a few cards short of a deck... we'll see how this all fans out.

The Tea FairyThe Tea FairySILVER Member
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yay us!

Thanks to everyone who put it together and who keep it going, you are all stars! hug thankx

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DrudwynDrudwynForget puppy power, Scrappy's just gay
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Whoo! Hippo Birdy!

*grooves funkily*

Spin, bounce, be one with the world, because it is yours to enjoy...

StoutStoutBRONZE Member
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Happy Birthday HOP, not only have I learned how to spin poi and staff through your wonderful resource, I've also learned to type too.


FoxInDocsFoxInDocsSILVER Member
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Wheeee! happy birthday!

bounce bounce2 bounce


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Adya MiriyanaAdya MiriyanaGOLD Member
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Happy Birthday Hop!!! bounce

hug hug2 hugs to absolutely everyone that makes Hop what it is ubblove

.:star:..:star:.SILVER Member
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Happy birthday HoP

big thanks to everyone who makes it so great
its good to be back!

25 posts

Happy Birthday!!!
I don't even post that much but its great to read when coursework is depressing me!

Mr ChutneyMr ChutneySILVER Member
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Many thanks and congratulations smile

Pink...?Pink...?BRONZE Member
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Happy Birthday HoP!!

hug hug2 hug

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PelePeleBRONZE Member
the henna lady
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Wow...8 years.

When I first joined, 8 years ago I honestly hadn't realized that 1. It was such a new and shiny site (I think I joined within a month of it's inception, when there were about 20 of us! lol) and 2. That it would become such a major global presence in these arts.

I am so proud of it.

I am proud and grateful to Malcolm and all of the hard work, love and devotion he has given not only the site but the members and crew.

I am proud to call so many here friends, and even family, and to work with some of the most awesome personalities I have come into contact with on the net, and in person (Malcolm, Chris, FF, Dom, Pyrolific-which is still odd to type, btw, Charles). I can't wait to meet more of ya!

There have been so many milestones and "issues" through the years and through it all this group has pulled through with a sense of community, humor, compassion and passion that is absolutely unparalleled.

I also would never have thought with my lack of attention span that I would still be here. lol

Malcolm, can we have a huge, honking NZ party for the 10th anni?

Happy Birthday HoP and thank you to everyone for making working here a delight. (yes, even you NYC wink )

Many, Many More!

hug ubblove kiss beerchug

BTW: Who do I spank here? spank
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lilith_in_londonSILVER Member
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HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!! grouphug

hope it will live to be 88 smile

c'est pas nous qui sommes la rue, c'est la rue ktanou!

1st official camden town (uk) meet 21st october! see the events bit

BirdBirdGOLD Member
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8 years!!

Who'd have believed you were so old! wink

Congrats to all involved in the running of HoP for successfully surviving us loonies for so long!

Here's to the next 8!


bounce grouphug

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Circus MidgetCircus MidgetSILVER Member
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On ya HOP! ubbrollsmile ubbrollsmile

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SunnySammySunnySammySILVER Member
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Awww HoP! Happy Bithday!

hug hug hug

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georgemcgeorgemcBRONZE Member
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 Written by: Pele

Malcolm, can we have a huge, honking NZ party for the 10th anni?

Lovely thoughts Pele - second the motion. As someone totally new to all this, what impressed me and made me want to become a part of it, is the community of passionate folk that Malcolm has helped to bring together. It is amazing and quite unique and special IMHO.

And what a great idea about a honking great NZ party! I'm sure we can oblige with that request Pele! Anyone who wants to start planning an NZ holiday for Oct 2008 should seriously put this on their mental calendar now and start saving!! I'm sure Malcolm wont be able to say "No" if several hundred/thousand of you turn up on his doorstep in 2 years time and ask "where's the party"!!! biggrin biggrin biggrin

Written by: Doc Lightning talking about Marmite in Kichi's Intro thread

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RaveRepresentRaveRepresentSILVER Member
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Wooooooooo!!!!! eek 8 Years!!!!!

I've been apart of HoP for about one year. Although I may not talk to you guys often, I find that you are the greatest friends I've had.

Putting into mind that those of you who havent seen my thread, I will post it. It is simply just a thank you that reminds me how much this site means to me, and how much the people affect my life

[Old link]

Honestly, you guys mean very much to me. I've met so many inspirations that have motivated me to do many things.

Hopefully the thread will show you my gratefullness I give from this site.

In addition to the time I've spent getting to know you all, I wish to know more, to be apart of this community for as long as I can.

Happy birthday HoP, I thank you for everything you have given and done for me!

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=Flashpoint==Flashpoint=SILVER Member
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Time for a bit of a blub!

HoP helped me through one of the worst times of my life...

I can honestly say that this community is the most caring, fantastic, joyful, PINGing, and loving group of people I have ever met.

Thanks Malcolm and the Team for everything!



AdeSILVER Member
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yay Hop, have a great day ubblol ubblove ubbrollsmile hug

flash fireflash fireBRONZE Member
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WOW! Time really does fly when you're having fun. I don't quite remember when I started lurking here - I think it was in 1999, then I joined up for real in 2000.

Growing old gracefully together.

I have more to be grateful for as a result of HOP and my involvement in this community that words can express. No matter how far away I venture in my life journey, I always end up back here, at Home, with the people I have so much love and respect for.


And, I am so up for a cranking party in NZ in 2008!

Thank you Malcolm, Pele, Pyrolific, Charles, Dom for all your work behind and in front of the scenes. Thank you to integral players without who HOP would feel empty, and thanks to all of you for making this place amazing.


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Pogo69Pogo69SILVER Member
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*You say its your birthday
Were gonna have a good time
Im glad its your birthday
Hippie birthday to you...*

I am not going to get all sappy and stuff... but I do thank HoP for giving me something relatively harmless to feed my addictive personality... tongue

--pogo (pat) [forever and always]

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Happy birthday to HoP!!! Its a fantastic place. And look only 2 more years till double digits. WOW!! bounce bounce2 bounce clap

:admires giant wooden aeroplane: Its about time trees were good for something, instead of just standing their like jerks!!! ubblol ubbtickled

Homer rocks!!!! ubblol ubbrollsmile

pineapple petepineapple peteSILVER Member
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happy birthday hop grouphug kiss

"you know there are no trophys for doing silly things in real life yeah pete?" said ant "you wont get a 'listened to ride of the valkyries all the way to vietnam' trophy"

*proud owner of the very cute fire_spinning_angel, birgit and neon shaolin*


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