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Ok so I bot some glow poi and it's cool and all but EVERY ONE makes dumb jokes about them!mad2 Like "Hey can I touch your balls?" or "Hey did you bring your balls today?" and it is starting to get old. So I was wondering if any one had any good come backs or something? confused2

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I spin poi. I juggle. And I work in a bowling alley.

You soon get so over them you can't even be bothered with witty come-backs.

However comments about at least children don't run scared when you play with your balls are often horrid enough to make people shut up

i would have changed ***** to phallus, and claire to petey Petey

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just don't worry about it, its one of those things that come with your hobby, like "is that real fire?" or "have you got a light?" you just get used to it and learn to brush it off or go along with it. as long as your still enjoying spinning there shouldn't be a problem, if they have never seen them before they may not even know what they are called so Balls is the easist thing to call them.
I always hug someone who comes up with something orginal though, not happened in ages but some times you just get a rather odd comment you have not heard before.

if you get it alot turn it into a gsame to see how many times you get a certain phrase then turn it into a t-shirt design with "come up with something original" on the back or "please try harder" ubblol

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-"Is that real fire?" - ubblol I always find this one a little amusing.

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Personally I don't think I'll ever get tired of telling people I'm off to play with my balls...

I'm such a child ubblol

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I just stick out my croch and say
"go on then...I'm waiting...changed your mind? ok bye"

if they cop a feel ... you've pulled ubblol

A couple of balls short of a full cascade... or maybe a few cards short of a deck... we'll see how this all fans out.

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I need a t shirt when im pushing my unicycle that says either:

Please stare at my unicycle
Yes, its a unicycle you 'tard
I cant afford a proper bike


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So much possibilitys fr t-shirts
The most universal must be "keeps staring i might do a trick"
I found out it was first sold to people in a wheelchair, wich makes is kind of dark humour but anyway: 100%laughs

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ubblol ubblol
if only i could make t-shirts ubblol

we have just been sat in the pub working out many different ideas for them, although most nothing to do with spinning but did actually get the "are you a cheer leader" comment that i have not had in so long... if i was shaking pom pom's then fair enough but honestly !!!!!!

i also get alot of "wow how hard can it be spinning socks" which is usualy followed by me letting them have a go and watching them go fetal in less than 30 seconds biggrin they soon realise thats its actually alot harder than it looks, especialy isolations.

Life's too short to worry about where you put your marshmallows

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i often get "is that fire hot?" ubblol kids are funny
if they ask to touch your balls just pull your pants down ubblol

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Ace: In this case I usually go umm "why, you wanna have a go with my balls?" wink Works on both genders.

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