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I'm not sure where this post should go, I'm really just looking for advice rather than something specific. I hope here is ok. smile

I've recently been reinspired by poi after being shown a few simple transitions between the simple spins I already knew. I came here looking for further ideas and came across [Old link] thread.

Many of the things discussed in that thread struck a chord with me.

When I first learned to spin I learned simple things; weave, butterfly, ttn, backwards weave. I haven't really learnt much since then but what I have learned has been concerned with learning 'moves'. I don't have much contact with other spinners so I haven't ever had any reference on how to spin properly. As a result I've found I don't know how to spin at all, how to move or maintain rhythm.

Now I want to learn how to spin. I've started to practice with music, which is far more interesting but I still know I have no grasp of the basics.

So this is why I'm making this post. I need advice.

I'm going to go back to basics. In that thread (that I've spent most of my morning reading) there was this posted by Glass:

 Written by:

Lesson 1 (I think) This should take about 6 months .
This is an attempt at lesson 1 for people who are already spinning a bit. And who want to improve their way with poi, and maybe who want to start looking more at the spiritual and meditative aspects of poi:

Things to start doing today before learning new moves.
Moves are like water,
Train for purity and quality,
not more salty water, you cant live on salty water.

1 Learn to spin very slowly, then even slower than that. (if you dont 100% believe this is totally important and havent done it, trust me, do it, its really important.)
2 Now while your spinning totally slowly starting with the simplest moves, re learn all your planes until they are perfect.
3 Starting with the most basic moves you know, go through every move you know and learn it really slowly fwd, backwards.
4 Starting with the most basic moves you know, go through every move you know and learn to spin it in any position you can think of (both directions).
5 Starting with the most basic moves you know, go through every move you know and learn it in all 4 times/ways: Follow time, butterfly, parallel and split time.

I'm going to try to follow that. But because my background in poi is so patchy I'd like to know whether there's any fundamentals (in your opinion) I'm missing. Here's my plan...

Learn to spin poi at my sides. Forwards. Backwards.
Learn to transition between the two, turning both left and right.
Learn to weave. Forwards. Backwards. Turn between the two. I think windmill would fit here two. High/low, etc. Maybe eventually btb too.
Learn to butterfly. Both normal and reverse. Passing circles behind me - high and low. Add the butterfly weave to this (can't yet do this). Eventually add btb (can't do this either).

I'm going to do this all very slowly, concentrating on my movement and planes, building technique from the ground up. I can do most of these already, though poorly. Is there anything in that list I've missed/haven't heard of yet?? Is there anything you consider superfluous to fundamental technique??

My playing (during lunchtimes:)) will probably consist half of doing this with some ambient music and half of playing around as usual with the few transitions and less fundamental stuff that I know with rhythmic music (because it's fun and I can dance and maybe introduce a bit of rhythm into my spinning. maybe).

Thoughts? Advice? Sorry for the rambling post. Thanks.

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I can highly recommend buying the scales of poi DVD made by Meenik on this site. His website is and i think you can buy the DVD through here.

Although the moves he demostrates might be above and beyond where you are the concepts he protrays are exactly where you are.

It's well worth the money for the inspiration alone.

Good luck!


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I bought The Scales of Poi about a month ago, it's invaluable. My spinning has improved 10-fold from following Nicks approach. smile

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Basic - Move using, circle as it's main element.

(With plane, timing & direction modifiers.)

Fundamental - Move using object manipulation.

(With partial arc, freeing, negative & other techniques.)




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The dvd looks good, I ordered it so hopefully it'll help.

I've been redoing the forwards and backwards weave for a few days. I didn't realise it would be so difficult, so much control in need to develop (esp backwards). Both have been getting a lot better though, much smoother and flowing than before.

I keep wanting to step up and do more complex stuff, but that just gets me frustrated. Just need to be patient and keep going back to the simple stuff.

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