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Posted:ok guys apart from the obivous stuff what kindathing do u like to see in video is it lots of toys or is it differant moves or is it somthing differant like having a good plot or somthing.

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Posted:I believe, an adequate poi artist and his or her video should maintain a balance so the video isn't careening anywhere..

They should use all the space given to them, and, my personal belief, long arm transitions make beautiful benefits if you are not taking space for granted.

They should definitly have music to it, so the flow of the poi and the emotion strikes a deep tone within you.

Of course, I don't know if anyone else has mentioned it, but we all have our "spinny faces." Whenever we spin poi, we get some kind of expression, some bite their lip or stick their tongue out.. I personally look as if I'm constipated... Okay changing the subect ubbidea

I would also say that a decent poi video does not require any fancy moves, only a flowing and linked transition.

Oh, and yes, Keep a smile on smile

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Posted:a good poi video gives you some feeling for the peaple who made it, and be full of kick ass poi.

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