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Posted:I'm taking Poi Lessons but i just seem to be really slow at picking things up! at the moment i'm having real trouble with the hip reel - i keep smacking myself with my right poi! every time i try to change it slightly, i just hit myself somewhere else! is there something basic that would help? please help if you can - i'm getting frustrated & bruised!

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Posted:I find I have to break it down into what each hand has to do. So teach my left, then my right and keep an eye on that pesky left hand all the time.

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Posted:Gnor speaks the truth.

I also find if I get stuck on one move to stop trying for a bit and learn something else. You might find that when you return to pesky flustrating move you were stuck on it's become easy because the other move you learned helped clean up your planes or taught you more control.

Learning to turn was the best thing I ever did as it helped me learn so many moves in reverse because once you turn around everything is on the flipside and is reversed. It also taught me control.

We all have a naturally dominant side but with spinning you have to remember to try doing things in both directions on both sides. One way will feel easier than the other but try them both.

Oh and get some Arnica cream. It helps to get rid of bruises faster biggrin

Good luck!

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Posted:Definitely, Arnica and Witch Hazel! lol
Smacked myself really hard across the cheekbone with the ol' ball and chain (!) yesterday so hard my eye went blurry. Ice packed it and used the above and there's not much of a bruise today.

It's true about moving onto something else and giving yourself a break from something that's bugging you. I vaguely remember that with my first attempts at TTN, it was driving me insane. I gave it up, learnt some new stuff and the next time I tried I could just do it and was really annoyed that it was so easy after getting so mad with it.
Same with practising what each hand has to do individually, works really well. Good luck to ya!



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Posted:just take your time and slow it down and watch your hands and see how your spinning till u get the feel for it


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Posted:check and see if there is anything on the Poi Moves that might help out

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Posted:another tactic that is kind of silly but might help (and that I tell to people I teach, it's helped) is to think hard for a minute or two about the move. Visualize and whatnot, you know *how* to do it, but the muscles aren't there. So think really hard.
Then STOP thinking and spin. A lot of cool stuff happens when you're not thinking, and there's a good chance you'll just find yourself doing it.