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Posted:helloi'm a beginner currently based in london.does anyone know of any poi clubs?bekgodwin@yahoo.co.uk

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Posted:check out the events forum...there is something on this weekend in london...wish i could be there
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Posted:Not sure if u mean clubs as in societys or clubs as in night clubs but if you mean night clubs then the drome (very poi friendly) opens on 14th in a new venue.check out www.accessallareas.orgfor other clubs over the weekend, most have some poiers there. hope this helpspeace outgarbo
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Posted:Garbo. whats the new venue for the drome.I went for an anti-world just before it closed at the last venue
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Cant wait to take another trip down to london when it re-opens, :P

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Posted:Just to let people know there is no tuesday(April 10th) night Juggling workshop this week. The good news it that the people who use to run the Drome are opening a new venue up in South London(Elephant and Castle) and we will be there as of enxt week. I still don't know the address but will keep you posted.CheersDimitri