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Posted:So me and my boyfriend are on our way back from newquay on sunday, and we stop in a car park of services. This family pull up infront, I'm playing with my poi when a guy mumbles something about either a place or a group beginning with G SOMETHING like gren or green something or other I asked him to repeat but the guy was like "oh no sorry" Im guessing its an organisation or a place I was in leigh delamare naer swindon and the guy was heading for hungerford and I'm preety sure this place or group he had told me but not told me he was involved in and Im curious the guy was preety spaced out but I'm preety sure this isn't [censored]! if you know can you tell me Thanks.

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Posted:I'm stumped by that I'm afraid.

A polite request: Please could you title future threads a little more descriptively? There are lots of people needing help and advice on this forum and it makes everyones life easier if they don't have to go into a post to figure out what its about.

Good luck with you mystery G... smile


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Posted:maybe he was mumbling about green gathering??
(i think its just happened)
maybe he'd been there and seen loads of people spinning or something.
i dunno shrug

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Posted:I looked up in the internet for the 'name' Gren and came to a military side...->Gren Kdo1 (means: Grenadierungskommando 1) I don't know what exactly it is but it's a german side and has something to do with infantry. i think it's a military school thing...confused -not really i? biggrin

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Posted:could possibly have been the big green gathering confused


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Posted:I live near Hungerford, hooray! smile

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Posted:I'm from corniwall, and I just came back from the Big Green Gathering yesterday smile

Most people leave on the sunday (to get back to work) and the monday (cos that's when common folk are kicked out).


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