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Posted:Can wraps be done less painfully with fire. Yesterday I tried a wrap with fire poi and it seems to have stratched/burnt my right bicep. can it be done or did it just happen because i was doing it wrong?

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Posted:Less painfully, sure just wear long sleeves. 100% cotton to be on the safe side. If you're wrapping on bare skin, you can expect a few "minor singes" from time to time, mostly from contact with hot metal.

The worst thing that CAN happen if your not careful is having a chain wrap and knot around a limb, I'm sure you've experienced this during your practice sessions. Don't panic if it happens, simply spin your body around in circles that use centrifugal force to "pull" the flames away from the entangled limb until your safety arrives with a wet towel.

And, watch for fuel transfer to your clothing if you decide to wrap too early into your burn.


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Posted:The key to bare arm wraps that I found is speed you need to be quick with it or else you'll get burned........but sometimes even that doesnt help like stout said its the metal not the wick you have to worry about wink

I currently have a small burn on each bi-cep that I'm nursing but hey you gotta expect it sometimes the saying goes play with fire and your going to get burned wink

Just remember aloe is your friend wink

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Posted:This has been discussed before quite a bit. If you search 'wraps' you'll find some nice discussions bare skin wraps (which I don't do) and some ideas for sleeves (which I'm big on.)

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Posted:Kevlar welders sleves.
Only cover just past the elbow, halfway up the bicept.
but from there a baggy short sleve shirt will help alot.
I have a set, they are yellow naturally, but I plan to dye them black with a kit so they look spiffier.



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