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myst we should get together and learn from one another. i live on the strand in oceanside. would love to learn something new. also left you a message on the best of the best. other than that i am new to this site, never knew it was so big. anyways the neck wrap. i know a whole bunch of wraps with glowsticks, now do i need to get a full leather suit and dress up like a gimp if i dont want to burn my self?

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From what I've seen you shouldn't have to dress in a full suit. Just wear clothes that don't burn quickly/dangerously.Even though leather is best, cotton is good. Polyester is bad.Jeans and t-shirt should be fine. I mention these because they're common. Just don't have any fringe hanging off of the jeans. Pele found that out with a pair of cut-offs.As long as your wraps are quick then you should be fine. Pele taps herself all the time on bare skin while doing wraps. People do trailing and it's similar. If you are going to hit bare skin be sure that whatever holds your wick to the string (chain, cable, whatever) is not going to contact you. If you use big wire or something it could hit and that might brand you.On a related note: Castled kevlar wicks leave better soot marks than wound towel wicks. The castled kevlar almost looks like tattoos.------------------"Except for that Mrs. Lincoln, How did you like the play?"

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very much obliged, i really wish that i had found all this stuff before i started spinning my fire. i just went to home depot and threw it together.0----------0 that is what mine looks like. i have a steel ring on both ends with chain attaching them and i braid strips of cotton t-shirt around one end. do you pretty much have to order a real set on line or could i find them in some stores nearby? thanks for the tips look forward to addressing all my questions on this site now.

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dear Pozey,mmm, wraps, around neck, with fire? Safety goggles MIGHT not be a bad idea MAYBE... [image]">[/image]Here is how john and I make wicks. take a 20 cm peice of wire (18 gauge) and fold it in half. lay it on a strip of towel with the "loop" end of the wire 1 cm over the edge of the towel - l l l l-----l-l-------------------------l l l ll l l ll l l ll l l ll l l l-----l-l------------------------l l l l l l l l l l l l l l lnow role up the towel ---> this directionwith the wire inside (nice and tight) then bend the wire up and wrap it around the "loop". Make sure to use some needle nose plyers to "tuck" the sharp end of the wire. you will end up with a cloth cylinder with two verticle wires and a loop at the top. It is cheep and lasts for and hour or two of steady burning (depending on fuel type and wick size. (biger wicks don't last as long.If yall want to talk wraps I have several cool ones. you can email me (my web site is in the links section of this site) flamingsphereDaniel

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