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hey guys, how's everything happening! yeah, i've been watching this video relentlessly and i've come across just a couple moves i can't understand much. if you could give me some advice and all... i'd give you my children.

( i found this video here, i don't know who he is, but he's fantabuloustic )

if you fastforward to about 1 min 40 seconds, he does this weird thing and then he spins around with the poi. i can sort of figure out out, like you bring the right poi to your left and your left poi to your right, and you spin and it brings it around. what's this move called? and how else can i use it?

i can sorta get it but the end is kinda iffy still. his arms are jutting out so much i can't quite get it.

mtbeerGOLD Member
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I don't know if it has a name, I just call it the whirlwind. It starts with a crossed reel and ends with a crossed reel on the other side, then you can link them together. There are a few variations of this move as well. You can extend your arms to make a giant version, you can add extra beats or you can combine giants and extra beats to make flower whirlwind patterns.

Another similar move is done with the poi held near the neck, then you spin like crazy smile. Rovo has a couple vids showing off this move.

BTW, Zan (The guy in the video) will be releasing a tech poi DVD soon which should be pretty sweet.

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Tom_ShillSILVER Member
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It stopped at 1:13 eek Wicked awesome spinning though, gotta try that through the legs corkscrew business.

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VampyricAcidSILVER Member
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its a through wrap, nothing more techy than a throughwrap with a pretty jump

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DuncGOLD Member
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that's a pretty cool vid, why he chose the worst musical ammompaniment I don't know.

Doesn't look like a thru wrap to me, just a turn but one hand is BTB? shrug

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okay okay just to clarify:

reels: that's when you put extra circles in like your front and back or sides yeah?

crosser: right hand goes to the left side, left hand goes to the right side?

and the video you're talkin about, is that the one where you do a split time shoulder turn and you just turn like a mofo when you bring it up? haha

MarcusBRONZE Member
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mtbeer, have you got a link for those rovo vids - that is the exact move I've been trying to pull off tonight!


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