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I'm wondering if there are any Poi performers or teachers in India or will be visiting India in December 2006. If there are any please do let me know.
thanks a lot
~taran smile


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Posted:I am sure you will find a number of poi people in GOA at that time.

Paloleom Beach is a cool place to go. It will be a bit crowded but its a nice beach and you are bound to find some spinners there.

We also fond a few spinners in Pushka in Rajastan when we were there in Noemeber in 2003.

India is a wicked place to go to. Have a great time. biggrin

Love and Light

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Posted:if i remember correctly devilstar may be about there at that time with her circus boi. Pm her?

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Posted:I will be in Kerala and Goa on my honeymoon end of November to early December.

I don't formally teach poi but my fiancee and I have both been spinning for quite a long time!


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Posted:Im sure you will find someone in India, there are like a billion people, ubblol

But seriously if you watch any of the Indian tv channles mostly on Sky, you wil find people spinning, im sure a few weeks ago i was flicking through them and they had fire spinners on a indian award show, think they had poi and batons, i think....

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Posted:I was just in India.

If you go to Varanasi in the North, you'll find a big poi/juggling workshop that happens twice a day!! Sunrise and sunset (it's too hot in the middle)

There's an Indian guy there who teaches staff, the style is called banethi and is also used for meteor. In December there will be quite a few folks around to teach poi I imagine, and Murari teaches poi also.

It's great there, you really should go. PM if you wanna know more or nearer the time smile

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Member Since: 17th Jul 2006
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Thanks a lot Katinca, Teh Ree, Will and Moohaahaa.
Have sent a PM to Will, Moohaahaa and Devilstar.
I can use all the help i can get. Hope i get more in the near future smile


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Posted:Dear users,

Reviving this thread as a new entrant to this great site from India.

I would love to get in touch with anybody that can help me get going into poi spinning. I discovered ball/object juggling about nearly 7-8 yrs ago but never pursued it further than 3 balls and not for more than a few months, until recently, something egged me to want to go back to juggling and I was naturally interested in the related arts. But I am no expert even in balls, and a total dumbo with respect to poi! smile So bear with me, please!

I wish I could attend the January Goa festival, but I can't frown But yes, life is looooooong and the world-small! Right ? So I am cheering up!

Career calls around that time and I can't make it to Goa this time!

I found this site and thought I'd atleast make an post and get in touch with those in India with similar interests and who can help me pursue my passion at a time when I hope to be able to devote more time for it.

Good day to all. I am happy to have found this site, and hope to be able to be around here spending quality time interacting, soon.



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Posted:OMG, forgive some typo and grammatical errors on that post above (and of course in any of my posts anywhere from now in this site)! Silly me!


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Posted:Any fire players in India at present in and around Chennai or would be passing through Chennai in February ? I'd like to get in touch ...

Thanks everyone! I am keen on picking up the ropes ... Any guidance is welcome. I'd try to check out the messages now and then when I take a break from my studies... Good day to all!

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I m looking for some POI performers (either fire or non fire),spinners, twirlers in INDIA..Who can perform onstage...

well can u please giv me ur contacts or email-id ..as I wanted to learn more abt d same..



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Posted:wow - how sad...

not only that Aks didn't get any reply (and was never smart enough to find the website or thread of the InJuCo her/himself), there is another member who gets thoroughly ignored... that's so un-HoPish.

Dear Aks: if you happen to come back to this thread, please check www.injuco.org - I know I should maintain the website more often (and I will). The next convention will be held from January 17th to 23rd 2010.

Dear Samyak - there are even spinners in Mumbai. They can also "perform on stage". Most of the western performers though are in the McLeod - Himalaya range at this time. Am not sure what the real purpose of your inquiry is. If you're an event manager or agent, then tell so.

Best of luck

PS: Please feel free to PM me on either subjects.

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