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Who do you owe a big sloppy kiss to for getting you into Poi...your "Poi Mentor".Do those wonderful people a favour and namecheck them....they deserve it.Mine, "Sonny"...recently died in a car crash in Israel...we met in Jaipur, India....smoked shitloads of dope, had a mad day out on LSD in the monkey temple and Junagarh Fort.....a very genuine person and one who did'nt deserve to go.Missing you Dan

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Hmmm, not sure about mentor, but the guy that taught me alot in one night was John / Jonathan who organises the local fire-spin meet each week. I turned up on my own and on the first night came away with four new tricks and a new load of mates (awwww...) including one I hadn't seen for 2 years.YayGood Topic!!------------------ I have only one burning desire....let me stand next to your fire

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i cant really say who my mentor would be....not really that i cant more like i never met the guy...i saw him spinning at glastonbury at the stone circle whilst i was really stoned listening to moby and it looked fanbloodytastic...hehe....but apart from him the only people id say could come slightly close to mentors would be my girlfriend and friends....always telling me what looks good n what doesnt and giving me the confidence that what i am doing is a good thing...*smiles*goafire

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My girl Harmony,(I love'er) a former club promoter gave me one of her light shows w/glowsticks and I was amazed.
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I found this website & never attempting any of this before learned through lesson #11, in one night! even the 1hand Butterfly with ease. I think being a drummer helped. I can't wait to try w/fire but am unsure about how and safety precautions. Can you use smaller flaming POI on shorter rope?
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yeah you can, i think if you make em, ...i love my shorter poi, they are about 45cm (chains) and 4 inch wick, i love em chunky, the best way is to experiment with your toys and custom make them to fit you...then you are comfortable and twirlin with ease.. hol.xx

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Bendy please please please let me in on your secret. Where did you find the cool little firey guy icon? C'mon I promise I won't tell anyone!

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Gotta say bigup tanx to my long time friend Stu 4 introducing me to Poi, spinning fire within 1/2 hour of pickin up,in Nutin-gwan- Norwich(not 2 b recommended- either the place or the amount of time!!)But then Bigup Respect to a girl called Sage and her fellow poier friend, both semi-pro's from Texas (i tink) met in Palenque, Mexico around Melleneium where we were doing a party--SOMA. They inspired me and showed me what was possible, with shit loads of practise, and a wonderfull website such as this to show me da moves. I was soon teachin' my old friens Stu, and passing on my knowledge 2 as many people as were interested. Show the ultimate respect to your Mentors and become 1.------------------Love,Peace and HappinessRob

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My big sloppy Kiss would have to go to my friend Lindsay.He came home about 3 years ago from a trip to Aus, and said "hey I learnt this really cool thing, can I teach you!"he inspires me on an almost daily basis. Has an infinate supply of patience when teaching me new moves, will willingly give up his time to help someone start up, by making them new toys and teaching them the basics, and everytime I think I have lernt all the moves he knows, then he'll spring a new one on me.But apart from his ability to teach most people this funky art, Just watching him go is wonderful.If I'm even half as fluid and expressive as he is, I count myself as a very lucky girl.So Lindz
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thank you and big big love.------------------love, light and rainbow fluff.Bearxxx[This message has been edited by clairebear (edited 21 November 2001).]

Be Cautious of who you sniff, they could be an EnemyBig love and fluffy rainbow light in bundles. Bear xxx xxx xxx

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I got into pois when i was traverling around aus.i meet two girls from NZ and i can't remember their names but one was into the poi and the other loved her staff.They showed me two moves and said the rest was up to me.So i made a pair out of my friends juggling balls and off i went.I had not used pois for about 2 years and then on my 22nd birthday i found some glow sticks on strings and off i went again,i could not put them down even when i left the rave.But when i was there i had a guy come up to me and he told me about this site and now i can't get enough of it.I'm so inlove with the pois and fire.I would like to get in touch with that guy so if u are him email me.i have him and the girls to thank for my love of the pois.bjadeeFire is my new love,and pois are my long lost friends

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Katinca - What no sharing
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he's all yours!!I just hope that sometime soon I'll be able to show you and Josh something new! You gonna let the cat out of the bag about Josh's mentor - or is that more of an infatuation?
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hehe - I dont have a mentor...but I do have heroes
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I'm not telling who they are tho...although probs everyone who knows me well already knows
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Do they come from New Zealand Josh?Or America?Or both?
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Love and Light

~*~ Katinca ~*~

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haven't had time to check this board in a long, long while. then i got an email from sunbeam telling me to check this thread yeah, great thread, and thank you from all the peeps you mentioned in nyc. we love and miss you and we'll take your ass to burningman next year. a spacelounger extraordinaire you shall become.and while on this topic, i would love to thank, from the bottom of my heart, brian and lola from austin, who came down to nyc on a job for a few months a couple years ago and are responsible for the roots and beginning of our beloved flambeVolupte group. they taught many of us how to build solid chains and a few mad skillz. you are all of our mentors. also, thanks to taraball and thessy, i believe it was you two who actually started the listserv, and also to joe mama cause he gave a long lecture about fire safety back when i was a little hardheaded stupid small chain spinner, and then asked if i mind if he played for a bit...if you ever get a chance to see the man perform, do yourself a favor and be completly inspired with his mastery.thank you all, and while i'm here, thanks for all the NYC/Jersey kids on the flambe list you all rock hard!!!peax,Skunk

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i really dont have a mentor.. i started doing liquid a couple months ago, and while looking around for videos i stumbled apon a poi video.. my jaw dropped and i said "i want to do that" .. i just recently started to try it, and have successfully hit my self in the nuts 500 times.. ! >=0 noone around here does it though.. so i really dont have anyway to learn except for great sites like this.. hopefully someone will offer to help me in the future
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