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hello poi people.
Whats your fav type of pOi technique? just curious.
me like ehhhh....
alot of moves.
Butterfly (not that i can do butterfly fowards. but its fun backwards) and chasing sun.
and weave forwards/ backwards.
Though its hard to rate them all cause they all kick ass!!
eek ubbrollsmile bye smile

CrunchySaviourSILVER Member
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I like weave turns. 3, 4 and 5 beat weave turns are wicked.

I can only do the 5 beat weave forward at the moment so I'm limited to just doing 3 beat weaves once turned.

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Ive been trying to do 5 beat for ages! just cant seem to get it. ubbloco juggle weavesmiley

GeezaGOLD Member
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spiral hand wraps look nice

GeoffonTour04SILVER Member
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I like holding a 4 bt thread the needle to the music, and making breaks and pauses in it by wrapping and either going straight back in, or doing some wallplane weaves & fountains n stuff first.

buggleberry_fairySILVER Member
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fountain is truly the best move i can do at the moment - it just flows and i could stand outside doing it forever. and took me 2 weeks to learn - so a triumphant spin!

butterflys are also good as theres so many variations and things you can do from it.

ooooo and windmill and reels

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MuskelungeGOLD Member
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Windmills. Turning windmills. Transitioning between different weaves with windmills.

And spiral wraps.

And btb weave.

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Disc0annoying boy
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slipt-time hip-reels (and all other reels)

it's a really good starting-move for stalls, flowers, fountains and pirouettes ^____^

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