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vain-ego pkBRONZE Member
Lambretta Fanatic
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Location: United Kingdom

has any one seen, heard or spoken to Jo Derry recently, i'm very concerned that i have no response to any of my messages and phone calls.

if any one can tell me any information just so that i know he is ok, i would be most greatful.

DuncGOLD Member
playing the days away
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Location: The Middle lands, United Kingdom

I messaged him a few weeksn ago but got no response frown I hope he's ok. Last time I spoke to him was just before PLAY last year so it's been a while...

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vain-ego pkBRONZE Member
Lambretta Fanatic
4,997 posts
Location: United Kingdom

at least im not the only one, thanks dunc.

if my memory serves corectly it was july last year that i got any reply to a message.

i get no response from my phone calls.
I set delivery reports on my phone so i know that my messages arriveto his number, but since last year i have not had any reply.

not for me to go into details but i was dealing with some personal issues with him, so im really concerned, we used to spend a lot of time together before i left england, and to just loose contact with a good friend is a big concern for me, i didnt even get a reply from a message telling him my son was born, now dunc you know as well as me how much you want to share your moment of joy with a best mate.

im left in confussion and concern, so if any one at all knows just that he is ok, i would be most greatful.

mechBRONZE Member
Carpal \'Tunnel
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Location: "In your ear", United Kingdom

i have not heard form him for an age as well pk, before you left....

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AdeSILVER Member
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Location: australia

any news yet? I remember Jo from the forums...

strugzBRONZE Member
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Location: Southampton - Possibly..., United Kingdom

Hey PK

this wont help much but this is the last post i found from Jo - feb this year [Old link]

So he is still floating around - hope you make contact dude smile

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Mr ChutneySILVER Member
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Location: Bristol,UK

The last I read of Jo was that Illuminati were being put on indefinite hold due to a personal health issue (this was on PITP shortly before it died). When queried he said it wasn't anything major to worry about, and since then he has made brief reappearances on HOP. Fingers crossed he is OK.

PeleBRONZE Member
the henna lady
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Location: WNY, USA

The last I heard from him was just under a year ago as well.
I've emailed and messaged him, and tried to call twice, but haven't had a return either.

Please let me know if you do hear from him, just so that I know he is alright. hug

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