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Hello Guys,

I plan to go travelling with a buddy early next year, we've got a route planned:

Delhi -(flight)- Khatmandu -(flight)- Bangkok -(make our own way)- Singapore -(flight)- Sydney -(make our own way)- Melboure -(flight)- Christchurch (make our own way)- Auckland

Please give me any advice you have on how to keep safe travelling and any places to visit within reason on the route we have planned. We're already elephant safari-ing in Nepal and definately White water rafting in NZ.

We're pretty stuck in Thailand, except for visiting beaches and temples etc.

If anyone has any experiences, please let me know them!

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DrBooBRONZE Member
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Stuck in Thailand?! eek

Everything from rock climbing to building kites in the jungle in Krabi...

Also in Krabi, eco tours including kayaking, canoeing, boat trips, snorkelling.

In the North, you could try feeding, bathing and learning about elephants in a conservation park.

Or staying in/visiting a gibbon santuary

Do you want me to go on....'cos I can! biggrin

Whatever you choose to do I hope you have a fab time. smile

..and I'm not jealous at all. Honest. frown redface nana

Boo x

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Definately love the web sites!

I am looking forward to it already!!!

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DedphrogSILVER Member
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Posted: prepaired for stomach cramps and the runs.?

GnorBRONZE Member
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You missed Perf..
frown frown frown

You must come to Pewrf and stay with me..

Also qld and Adelaide...where are they on your spinning tour!!

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hamamelisBRONZE Member
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What sort of stuff you interested in?

If you're at all interested in animals, pln to spend a bit of time/money in Kaikoura, NZ.. Go whale/dolphin/fur seal/albatross watching.. you need to book way in advance in season, and try and get the early boats 'cos the sea's calmer then and even if you don't get sea sick, other people being sea sick is NOT nice in a small boat when you're stuck inside..

But it's definitely worth it..

In fact don't get me started on NZ in general, though I could recommend other cheap things/places if you want?


If that's okay with you?

DrBooBRONZE Member
I invented the decaffinated coffee table.
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Location: Cornwall, United Kingdom

 Written by: Dedphrog prepaired for stomach cramps and the runs.?

By the way, in India and other countries in the area, DO NOT drink milk. I did and got salmonella and campylobacter (at the same time).
And for food, go for the usual rule - if you can't boil it, cook it, or peel it - leave it. Don't eat ice.
Otherwise, don't spend all your time worrying. Expect to be a little poorly at some time due to jet lag and change in food and temperature, but don't fret about it. Don't forget a first aid kit including rehydration mix.
I am so jealous. Hope you have a great time - the planning is just the start of the fun, enjoy this bit too!

Boo x

I intend to live forever - so far, so good.

If it costs "a penny for your thoughts", but people give you their "two-pence worth", who is getting the extra penny?

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yeah, come to adelaide! and/or Whyalla!

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Coming to Alexandra Gardens on a Sunday!

i would have changed ***** to phallus, and claire to petey Petey

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noone want's to come to whyalla MiG, it's a hole and you know it.

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If you really want to be a green traveller you should start by binning all of those flights.

You could visit all of the places you have listed using no fights not five. The flight from Dehli to Katmandu is particularly silly - it would take a few days by train and bus ad you get to see the wonderful city of Varanasi on the way.

As a suggstion: fly to Dehli (can be done over land if you have the money and time - visas for Iran are a pain but can be got) make your own way to Kathmandu up into Tibet, take the new train line to China and enter South East Asia via Laos, boat across the Mekong into Thailand. Island hop your way to Aus on Indonesias many boats, and then across to New Zealand. Now thats what I call a trip of a life time.

Don't be too concerned about thinking what you'll do when you get there; that will sort its self out in all good time. The art of travelling is the getting there, not what you do when you get there.

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