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Posted:Ok, so there was a NYE massive in LA called Together As One (TAO). Kyri and I were there. We saw a fire fanner.

Anyone know who it was? I figure if I can't get the answer here, I can't get the answer anywhere...

-Mike )'(
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Posted:well officially it was not me.

so that kind of narrows things down some what dont you think?


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Posted:In the words of Shaggy:
"It wasn't me"

There you go - 4 people down. Won't be long now.

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Posted:If I count myself and everyone else I know, and everyone I have spoken to who told me what they did on NYE, I figure I can rule out about 50-75 people. Not bad huh?

Only 6,000,000,000+ to go!

- Honk if you love peace and quiet!


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Posted:yo, theres a group here called tao, in london working with the 491 gallery, but I dont know if they are the same peeps.

Incedetally, I think calling yourself Tao is just asking for trouble and hard to live up to.



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Posted:the tao blokes in leyton is different it The Arts Organisation. Bunch of bloody hippies.



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Posted:The 491 is excellent! I went to Roots For Life on the sunday after boxing day it was phenomenal! I went to the new year mash up as well.I excelled myself on the intoxication front. I did wonder if there was any HOPers there but was to spannered to investigate, or hold a coherent sentence. That place is the best.
Do you go there often Nix?
We should definately hook up ssoon nix and get some staff antics on the go.

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