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Posted:Recently I posted an ad on Craig's List offering private fire lessons (poi, staff, double staff, eating, or breathing). I got a few responses so far but the one I got today kind of surprised me.

I got a mail from someone in another country who said that their son will be coming to the states for 2 months and wants fire lessons while hes here. They asked my prices per hour for poi and I told them. They replied back saying that they essentially wanted $1000 worth over the course of a month.


$1000 for poi lessons? Holy crap! I think if I ever told my parents I wanted $1000 worth of lessons doing AYTHING they'd laugh in my face, not to mention playing with fire.

Oh man... Guess Im gonna have to really teach this kid something smile

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Posted:maybie it was a typo, maybie they want 100 dollars worth. OOR maybie there rich, reply back and ask them if you did indeed read that correctly tongue

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Posted:was it $1000 American? maybe they ment that amount in thier country, exchange rates you know..... anyway woohoo take it ....big money big money big money .....STOP!!!! OOOHHHH WAMMY!!!! anyone remember that gameshow?

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Posted:Poi whore.


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Posted: Written by: Loki_the_trickster

....big money big money big money .....STOP!!!! OOOHHHH WAMMY!!!! anyone remember that gameshow?

lol yeah we used to always say NO WHAMMY NO WHAMMY...STOP and the little thing at the bottom lol was that called double whammy?

anywho, dude that sounds nice...let us know how goes, hope your trainee is kewl it would suck if you got some kid thats like a total brat lol, I'm sure though if he's that interested in it though he'll be kewl biggrin

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Wish I could teach stuff.

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Posted:Yeah but you suck at staff wink

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