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Posted:In a recent thread NYC told me that my doing fire is something I chose as a career, but I can honestly say that is not so.
I NEED to perform and write and be involved in productions, from management to the blood, sweat and tears aspects. I have tried many other occupations and those were my choice, but they were jobs, not careers.
I see it this way...a job is a task. Something you go to everyday because you know you have to.
A career is something you know you have to do and would be perfectly happy doing for the rest of your life.
The only reason why I tried other jobs was because I was pressured to veer away from anything that seemed to be an occupational gamble, but I was never happy or fulfilled.
Now, I love my career. That doesn't mean there aren't days when I really don't want to look it in the face, because we all have those days, I just know this is what I am meant to do. It is a gut instinct.
I have several friends who have these "callings", some who have known all their lives what they are meant to do, some who (like me) took their time figuring it out, but in the end we are doing what we love to do, and we do it well, and not as a hobby.

What do you see as your career, your "calling" so to speak?

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Posted:I study too many different disciplines and theories as well as doing several things to gather money to eat.

I like to think that my Career is LIFE and LIVING!
Besides that what else would you need?

[edit]I am here to help. that is my calling. but i dont feel it so much as a calling but as the task appointed to me by that which guides me day by day[/edit]


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Posted:I think we know mine. My calling is to be a healer. It's getting incredibly frustrating, since it seems like medicine, especially at my institution, is less and less about healing and more and more about...I don't even know what it's about. Preserving life with no regards to quality, maybe?

Anyways, my calling is to be a healer and that's why I'm doing what I am doing.

-Mike )'(
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Posted:Don't receive this in a way that you think I'm being hostile becuz I'm only trying to help.A job and a career are very much the same thing.How many people pick careers that they aren't happy with?However,if you are happy with your career than you shouldn't have to explain yourself to anyone and we should be happy for you.When you do something as a job can it not take the original luster and fun out of it?I think that is what NYC's comment was about.I'm not trying to be a dick as I would love to do this for a career, just trying to add some insight.




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Posted:My calling has always been to write, be it music, novels, or prose. I have to write, whether I like it or not, I have to. I don't know how to explain it better than an actual physical need, like eating or breathing.

I also seem to have an affinity for being a counselor. I have always been really good at helping people through their issues, and traumas. Just recently I helped a really good friend of mine overcome anorexia. It was really hard on me emotionally but it turns out that it was worth it. I don't have to worry about her falling over dead at the clubs anymore.

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Posted:quote:Originally posted by MikeGinny (Lightning):
My calling is to be a healer...
Anyways, my calling is to be a healer and that's why I'm doing what I am doing.Mike!

respect to da mon!

I msut say I understand totally being a bio freak that I was I thought science could describe all but was quite disheartened when I found out that it is quite the contrary and most science only reaches so far as to know where science ends and the 'um... we arent really sure about that' begins.

Know (as you already do ) That you can heal in many ways. I believe in you and many do! Keep didding through the crap. One day you might be able to make a change in the 'system' and show how you were taught might not reflect what you actually wanted to learn. Keep shinning as that is what you do.

I can hook you up with someone who is studying medicine at Kings, took a gap year in China and the east to study the herbal healing techniques of the chinese which many westerners swear by and others simply dismiss.

I hope you never get discouraged!


Also I would like to add that I agree to a certain extent with poiaholic! Insight indeed!

SickpuPpy: Respect to you! Only one small hint of advice although you are probably very aware already... Take care of yourself! That is most important as it is hard to help others if you is not taken care of.

Much love hugs and respect to all



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