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Posted:Just a time waster for you.

If you remove Garfield lines from the comic, it takes on a different tone - no longer do you have a wise cracking cat but a sad man talking to his pet.

Here's the link, it made me laugh

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Posted:HAH, those are good! thanks smile

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Posted:sad, yet funny.

Jon is now officially crazy.

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Posted:Hang on, Garfield was supposed to be funny the first time around?

Wow, looks like I must have been reading them wrong or something wink

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Posted:You should have seen the cartoon

lol I like, poor jon biggrin

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Posted:wow, that is actually funny (and disturbing). cheers!

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Posted:The avatars on that forum are even more disturbing eek.

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Posted:This one is pretty good,

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Posted:Written by: jeff(fake)

The avatars on that forum are even more disturbing eek.

rolleyes ubblol to true!!!!! the avatars were quite a bit creepy there...
Wow who knew Garfield could actually be funny!!!!!
Thanks for that it was a welcome addition to my bland day biggrin beerchug

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Posted:i don't get it. I always found garfield quite funny anyway, and there are quite a few strips where he doesn't say anything.... and it IS just Jon talking to his cat, because garfield only thinks the answers, the key is all in the shape of the bubbles.....

the Garfield film was absolutely tragic though, i have to say....

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A whole new way to get people reading Garfield again...

I still believe John was part of the inspiration for Red Dwarf's Rimmer... He's always been sad and pathetic, but hey, both John and Rimmer and incredibly funny...

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Posted:I agree with Non no this one....

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