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Posted:So at work in my program there are two openly gay doctors. I'm one of them (duh) and the other is my friend, Alexie.

So I was talking to a medical student and he told me that he'd hooked up with a pediatric doc from our hospital. I said "well, it wasn't it must have been Alexie."

"Nope. Someone else. He's in the closet."

eek confused umm confused2 excl shrug

so Alexie and I are working on figuring this one out.

So far I've eliminated all but one of the attendings because all but one are either 1) female 2) married 3) entirely too old. I'm seriously hoping it's the one remaining attending candidate because he's HOT. He's also my advisor, so that makes him firmly off-limits, but a boy can fantasize...

Of the residents, I know of only one who is male and hasn't ever been public seen with a girlfriend/wife. I think. There's a second candidate who says he has a girlfriend...but nobody's ever met her. Then again, it's totally reasonable because we haven't had that many social functions that he's been at where his girlfriend would be, and I don't think he's gay.

Anyway, what Alexie and I are doing is COMPLETELY unethical because whoever it is clearly wants to remain unknown.

But come ON... Curiosity is a human trait! biggrin

-Mike )'(
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