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In the thread titled "obsessive compulsiveness to....POI!" CrazyRaverDude lists his dream inventory of poi. This got me to thinking about how many poi I have laying arround the house:- a set of Zuni poi- a set of Ultimate Performance poi- a set of hand-made beanbag streamer poi- a set of hand-made tube-core & cable streamer poi (same weight and feel as fire wicks, but with streamer tails.)- a set of simple tennis ball poi- a set of Krill lamp poi (not broken, yet!)- a set of solid aluminium core kevlar wicks- a set of small accordian fold kevlar wicks (3' of wick per poi head)- a set of largeaccordian fold kevlar wicks (6' of wick per poi head)I also have a few kevlar and LED poi sets under construction, but I have been too busy to finish them off.So, how many sets do *you* own?-p.

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It would be great to answer that but I can't...I don't own any sets at all, I own bits and pieces and am constantly trading this for that.I own many different toys though!
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well, i managed to break my tennisball poi last week and not got around to fixing them yet, which is what i was practicing with. which is probably good because everyone hated them
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have been considering getting zuni but a call around rhode island and massachussetts has established that no discovery store currently has them so i guess i have to order them! currently share the fire chains between my brother and me so at any given time theres about 4 sets of 'regular' length shared chains, my own original fire chain, a couple of long double wick chains. if one of the sets is burnt off i will practice with it with clean wick for a while.yeah. probably just not as hyper with the poi as some people. xest hates me for leaving the chains outside in the duck box but hey now i have a garage i can put them in so they probably wont die as quickly as they used to.Pere

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Although I make fire-poi equipment to sell, my own gear is pretty basic. Cobbler's children go barefoot and all that.I've got two pair of interleaved wicks for actual fire-swinging (it's nice being able to have one set soaking while I'm using the other, or to be able to lend out a set), and one pair of never-burnt tube-core wicks that I'm using just for practice. For grips I'm using my prototype #1 hand-harness, which is a bit more primitive than the ones I'm currently selling, though I've modified them a bit from their original incarnation. I've got one set of normal (for me) length ball-chains, and one set of super-long cables, which I am kind of afraid to use.I have no comet poi or anything like that. I have a 3-piece staff that I bought from Malcolm (and haven't spent enough time practicing with). I've been thinking I need to make up a more portable non-fire rig, perhaps with beanbag poi and a smaller grip, that I could tuck into my backpack.

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I have one set of comet (Zuni) that i use most of the time. They're slowly dying though so i'm probably gonna get another one. I have the firepoi (with cable) that i bought from Malcolm but they're a little too long for me - I set my sweater on fire doing the corkscrew once!I have looong chains that a stranger (not anymore) gave me at the ECSP. I still have to make wicks for those. Those will be my monster poi. You can't do that many tricks with them and they're very tiring, but they're fun and are good for pictures.nomad

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officially? NONEi have shoestrings, and some dead glowsticks i practice with. I'm saving some money for some good bag poi.hey, i've only been doin this stuff for a month, give me time!

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I have one pair of cables which I use for everything,just attach the heads and start swinging two pairs of poi heads, lots of glow sticks many sets of kevlat and towel wicks and a set of tennis balls for practising those moves where you find the tails getting entangled on a regular basis.Toys, wel,two normal painted staffs, couple of breathing stickes,3 astro balls, more indian juggling balls, contact juggling balls not much really, Am getting a load of fire equipment in the summer though.peace outgarbo
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This thread actually made me think about how much fire gear our little group has. You don't really realise how much stuff you've collected until you sit down and think it through. Here is what we have in our collection of gear:5 sets single wick tube core poi2 sets double wick tube core poi1 set triple wick tube core poi2 sets ribbon poi (like comets)5 sets tennis ball practice poi4 single wick short staffs7 double wick staffs2 double wick long staffs1 spaced double wick staff1 triple wick staff1 triple wick 3 metre staff1 pair of triple wick 2 metre "clubs"4 fire breathing/juggling torches/clubs4 fire swords (a pair each of two different designs)10 wooden practice staffsAnd i manage to carry all of this around in the back of my little car wherever i go, along with 40 litres of kerosene and around 10 litres of Shellsol T, safety buckets, fire extiguishers/blankets and the rest ... which makes me wonder if my car was ever stolen, whether it would be more expensive to replace the car, or the fire gear inside of it.raevonof Incendium

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Most my props are homemade and I hope to also make them to sell.1 set of Zuni1 set of fire poi w/aluminum core1 set of long and heavy fire poi with acordian whicks (hope to make it a triple whick)1 5 ft. double whick fire staff2 3 ft. single whick fire staff3 juggling/swinging torches1 blacklight reactive staff2 fire swords 1 double bladed fire swordI think that is all my poi stuff. My juggling equipment could take some time.

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I have a single set of homemade dennis ball Poi with small red streamers. Cheap but great for practice!

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I have a very modest collection so far. 1 pair of comets, my beautiful staff I made which I have been neglecting, and a pair of homemade tennis balls which i am almost done making. Soon to get some chains for when I decide to light up though. ------------------~I dont care if they eat me alive, Ive got better things to do than survive. ~Ani


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Yeah! Me too! Tennis balls connected to yo-yo strings. That would be....1 Set of PoiWow, what a huge list, I hope to get some "manufactured" poi soon.-daman(did I hear someone say that Discovery Channel stores have poi? 'cause theres one of those at my local mall)------------------Poi - The addictiveness is overwhelming

Poi - The addictiveness is overwhelming

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Some people were too shy to ask me about my poi, but I overheard them talking about my twirling. One of them said that they were sold in the mall. I wouldnt know though, I try to stay away from malls as much as possible. I figure maybe in Natural Wonders or Spencers or somthing probably. Malcolm has pretty fast shipping though. It says 7-9 days (i think), but I got mine much quicker.------------------~I dont care if they eat me alive, Ive got better things to do than survive. ~Ani


i have one pair of comet poi, one pair of bag poi made with cotton and a thick yarn rope, origionally i hade a homemade pair of bag poi w/ newspaper and string, i hated them and threw them away, they were actually a deterrent to twirling. i also hope to get some kevlar with either cables or chains or something like that. and i also want to get these poi with kamas on the ends, (obviously wold never use them on anyone, but would look and feel somewhat dangerous
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I have 2 sets of poi, one comet pair and one fire set both ordered from this site.When I go home and have access to tools I hope to make my own toys so that my friends can be enticed to join me for some fire fun.------------------"London is a city coming down from its trip and there's going to be a lot of refugees" - Danny,Withnail & I

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This thread reminds me of a bunch of kids sitting around discussing their prized collection of star wars cards or something..... like, if you've got the most/best cards (or poi/staff in this case), you win!
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Nevermind....I have :1 set of short fire poi1 set of longer fire poi (double wicked -my faves)1 set of beaming poi1 set of fluoro comet poi1 fire staff2 uv/black light staff1 set of flagsSoon I will also have a set of swinging clubs (fire)too. Oh, even more exciting, soon I will also have a set of stilts. Do they count?Yay
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um redbro,those arent poi with Kama on the ends...they are Kama with weighted chains...have fun kiddo,Josh

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3 sets so far:A set of heavy chains purchased at The Big Green Gathering last year. My first poi, the ones I keep going back to. single-loop leather straps, steel tube inside the wick, painful on impact. For several months (until I discovered the word 'poi' and found this site, i had no idea there was a lighter alternative.A set of Ultimate Performance Poi from this site, bought for safer practice after I realised it was possible. Don't get as much use, and for some reason have a really strong fishy smell(Malcolm?). Which hasn't lessened since they arrived. a set of Fyre Fly poi bought from this site at very short notice when i was visiting NZ earlier this year (thanks again for the ultra-rapid courier to Wellington, Malcolm) so I could go to a meet in Wellington on the Tuesday night. Thought about bringing my chains, but then it occurred to me that Customs could reasonably ask me if these things were a weapon of some sort... Cables are less prone to tangling than chains, but something brings me back to my originals every time. Maybe just the extra weight of the chains - I find heavier poi work better at low speeds. Always take the FyreFlys along anyway in case someone wants a play or a lesson. 3 pairs is probably enough for the time being, though I'm thinking about building something with glowsticks to use indoors without giving the fire officer apoplexy.mikeyB

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nothing much interesting, although all my kit is hand made.1 set of comets. (tennis ball)1 set of chain+kevlar wick poi.1 set of cable+towel wick poi1 4 foot UV staff.1 2 and a half foot staff.(ultra fast
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)i also had one set of fire clubs but they were shit so i scraped them and used the kevlar wick for my chains.
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so you hold the kamas and swing the chains then? i see, i was wondering how the blades kept from spinning randomly around as they were twirled. somehow though it seems less cool to twirl the weights than the kamas
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i also have a ghetto pair of glowstick poi (i actually started learning w/ these, i picked them up the other day, and they are TERRIBLE) and i have a pair of crystal / flower sticks (i dont fully understand the difference) and i have a staff, havent measured it, i'd guess around 4 feet. i spray painted it silver then electrical taped the middle. it looks cool but after the inital interest wore off i havent hardly ever used them since.redbrotherGod bless

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Sigh, N8 just spins glowsticks...But if you count them I have like 3 pair of well used strings.(N8 is humbled by the inadiquices of his collection)oh well.------------------Care of other people's approval and you become their prisoner.Live fully, Rave wholly.Fluid are the movements of my strings...

Care of other people's approval and you become their prisoner.Live fully, Rave wholly.Fluid are the movements of my strings...

KyleG4uSILVER Member
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Well, I started out with a pair of my buddy's frayed burnt out falling to pieces poi. From there we started buying these elastic latex glows tubes with led lights in them. then i bought my first set of cathedral head poi, and those came with the led glow poi. Then i bought 2 fire breathing wands, then I made a fire staff from a fiberglass broom handle, then i bought a flashgun that can shoot up to a 2 ft fireball up to 25 feet and dissipate without leaving ash. Then I got my fireproof gauntlets, then i made a fire sword, then I made a fire rope dart, and a fire meteor, then i made a flamethrower with a propane gas tank. Heres a picture of a half of my gear.
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but sadly since its freezing outside i havent really been doing much poi lately... but its about -20 on a good day
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It's like when you can't remember something you get.... short term.... kidney failure, that's gotta be it, something wrong with your kidneys...
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Plus two more sets of crystal cases, 4 flowmass, a dozen batteries, and about 50' of FlowCord.
Also have a pair of orange socks, and have some stage balls ordered from Fire Mecca to make a new set.
After Christmas I'll be ordering 4 more Flowlights, batteries, crystal cases, mass, and maybe more FlowCord.

<3 Flowtoys grin

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