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According to a couple of the more seasoned jugglers in this city, there's a big poi community in St. John's if you go looking for it... I've been looking, but having so little success...

Is there anyone from Newfoundland, or even Canada, out there?

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I reckon there's a couple from canada about the place. Have a look in the canada thread, [Old link]

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You play with the jugglers at MUN? I don't recognise you from your pic, and I'd definitely remember another poi spinner....since that would make TWO of us on this poiless island.

I work at The Village, and live in CBS. I went out a couple of times to the juggling night, and I really like all the people there, but I really just wanted someone else to spin poi with so I haven't been back...

There's another girl I know who has just started spinning, and I bet she'd love to come out.

Perhaps I will give the juggling night another try?? I'd love to have someone else with poi around.

Email me! We will hook up and play smile

I've left all my friends in Toronto, and moved on down to Newfoundland. If there are any fire friends, or poi friends, or hula friends...or any friends at all here near St. John's...PLEASE LET ME KNOW - I'M LONELY frown

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I know someone in Port Aux Basques if I remember correctly.. he comes down to Hfx in the summer. He doesn't post on HoP much though...

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Yea, the guy from Port Aux Basque will be coming to St. John's for a swimming competition in... april I think. I always tell him to drop into juggling when he's in town.

He didn't make it to halifax last year, I hope he does this year though. It's the only time I ever see him.

Melissa, there are plenty of Poi-ers around, but they're all anti-social :P. Kris from Trouble Bound studios does poi.

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Corinne, I just sent you an Email. I'm sorry that it took so long to get around to that. I've been extraordinarily busy lately.

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I'm another lonely canadian poi spinner out here on the west bad it's a VERY long drive to Newfoundland! frown
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