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Hey all, was just wondering if there are any spinners of fire or neon in Ipswich as i learnt to poi whilst at uni and now when i go home its so boring not havng others to poi with.

Would be great if you can point us in the direction of gatherings in or around Ipswich.


newgabenewgabeSILVER Member
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Hey Spike it's a good idea to put the country in a 'meet others' posting: cause you could mean Ipswich UK, or Ipswich near Brisbane, Australia, or Ipswich somewhere in the states... or.....

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Sorry dudes its Ipswich England.


ebonyeyesBRONZE Member
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Hi I work in Hadliegh near Ipswich so am in the neck of the woods some times.

crowley2crowley2BRONZE Member
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i live in clacton and have been looking for people too meet for poi ill have a new car in 3 days so ill be able to come over for a meet

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alien_oddityalien_oddityCarpal \'Tunnel
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*wonders if he should be in here*

er............................. spike i know a few people that come from ipswich but they mainly come up to norwich for a messy weekend (clubbing)

eboneyeyes.............. i only ever been to hadliegh once...........last summer ther was an illegal rave in the quarry ubblol

Winged AvengerWinged AvengerSILVER Member
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I'm based in Colchester. We did start a meet but we lost the building we were spinning in as the company moved. We're looking for somewhere new but if you fancy meeting up send me a PM as would love to meet up! Also, if you're up for a train journey, there are Cambridge meets on Sundays and I catch the train back to Colchester via Ipswich if you're up for it! bounce2 ubbrollsmile

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What... Is... Ipswich?

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