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biggrin biggrin Every Wednesday 7.00- 10.00pm biggrin biggrin
Location: Synergy Centre, 220 Farmers Road, Camberwell New Road, nearest tube Oval
South central London, UK
Cost: 3
Contact: Martin (just_jugglers atsymbolthingy

Just before christmas, Just Juggers got an AWSOME new venue for their workshops
This is the best venue for a poi, staff and juggling workshop in london since the days of the new Drome.
Theres room for at least 100 poi spinners, staff people, jugglers and manipulators.
The main room now has Insulation and from last night it has heating too, it was warm Mmmmmmm
the floow is carpeted
and a phat sound system (beats the old pokey little stereo)
and there a workshop room downstairs with a sprung wooden dancefloor
This workshop has potentials to be great

Gettting There:
The place is very difficult to find first time!!
Take your A to Z map, or better still get someone to meet you at the tube.
Its shown on the wrong side of farmers road in the this map, it should be on the west/left side:
Oval tube. walk down camberwell new road, Then take a little alley way off to the left that isn't shown on this map!.
the alley is only 50yds long and connects camberwell new road to the middle of farmers road.
at the end of the ally the synergy project is on your right just round the corner, a heavy wooden black double door off farmers road with NO SIGN to indicate that its is the right place.
Once you get inside, theres still no signs!!
Go through the doors, turn right up the stairs,
at the top of the stairs go through the door and the workshop is at the end of the corridor in the big space at the back. biggrin

I'm not organising it - huge thanks to Martin for doing that smile
Drew biggrin

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The Camberwell meets aren't on any more and since leaving London I've lost track of the Synergy Centre saga so send Dreadnaut a PM to ask.

On Tuesdays over in Brick Lane there's the very good [Old link]

hexagonicClubbles Jugs
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The new Wednesday night is at Camden, and has a similar vibe to the night when juggling on a Wednesday meant Brixton Methodist Church (which subsequently moved to Camberwell).

I see you're into spinning though - Spinning@ it is then!

ah wah wah wah a wah wah

DreadnautGOLD Member
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yes there is a wednesday night Oddballs juggling meet in Camden, but my wednesday spinning meet is in Clapham Junction here:
[Old link]

Amanda_AckmanSILVER Member
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I know this is a long shot: but is this group still running? If so does anyone have the details?

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