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Location: Brisbane, Queensland

I am planing to spend 6 - 12 months traveling around New Zealand at the end of next year to study permaculture, self suficiency, storeing food, etc. Can anyone tell me the best areas to investigate, any places to avoid, or anything at all that might relate to this topic. Does anyone know what it costs to buy between 3 and 10 hectares of good land away from a capital city or large town suitable to engauge in this lifestyle permanently. Any nasties like contaminated soils, high taxes or rates, racial problems, government policies, eathquake/ volcanic threats etc I should be wary of. Any good or bad things you know about communal living type places.

Also, can anyone tell me if maori women are held in high regard as potential wives, and if their marriage to mad Austrailan scientists is considered culturably acceptable.

Being single and having a definite preference for softer bodied women with smooth UV stabilised skins is making me develop an interest in NZ just to investigate the local women, even without the added advantages of reliable rainfall, no 35 degree plus days, and the absence of a government that thinks Australia is part of the United States as far as going to steal oil in the Middle East is concerned.

What do you rate the chances of succes if my mission on this trip is defined as " Find a good woman, prefferably smooth and soft of body , and who can also teach a staff fan to spin poi, and then set myself up to be largely independent of the economy while living in a mannor acceptable to most fanatical greenies and also favorable to spiritual development and frugal living, for under around $180K NZ. "

Alternatively, do you know of any other places on this Earth that these aims can be achieved in.

Thanks for you help.

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 Written by: The_Magnesium_Master

I am a detester of political correctness, I even voted for One Nation after I lost a job because an aboriginal apprentice who took about 4 1/2 months of unjustified sick leave could not be the only one not kept on at the end of their time, as that would be considered racist.

Do you even know what you were even voting for??? The One Nation Party wasn't against indigenes people to Australia; it was against the immigration policy which Australia has in place. Therefore, by you just stating the above quote, youre showing to me that you're being racist, not your old work place. Could it possibly be that your work ethic wasn't what the business was looking for? Or maybe your attitude towards others (possibly this "aboriginal apprentice" youre talking about) wasn't seen in the best way??? How about, instead of blaming others for you losing your job, you could take some responability for your life!

*And as a side note the One Nation Party here in Australia also has a project to the works to "increase rainfall & environment across Australia"... so as you can see, their not the brightest political party "trying" to represent the people of Australia... How can a political party increase rainfall... I mean, their not Gods (or Goddesses)... rolleyes

I can't hear you... I have a banana in my ear.

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the ALP has a secret service? ubblol are its agents nominated on a factional basis?

i think you are clearly delusional on any number of issues that you have covered in your various posts - clearly your view of women takes the figurative cake - but hey its a free world and you can believe what you want.

but godspeed if you think NZ is your calling. One thing you might want to think about - as dear Rozi put forward so eloquently - is you have quite the shopping list for precisely the type of woman you are after - thats fine - many people have one.
the trouble is that your desire to discuss openly a variety of female health topic may preclude you from being on anyone elses shopping list.

but if you happen to meet a female version of you who is as clearly fascinated by the human reproduction system as you, i wish you the best of luck. smile

"Here kitty kitty...." - Schroedinger.

FireByNiteSILVER Member
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Location: Auckland, New Zealand

hey, an aussie who wants to move here and marry one of our women ubblol

(never thought I'd see an aussie move here - usually it's us who move there)

anyways, you have to check out the many marae around auckland and wellington, check out some traditional poi action, andspend as much time as you can checking out various little cities as you can, and have a good time:)

anyways, when are you hrre?

and check out the fire nights around over here, they go off! aucks and welly especially

good luck in your wife hunting biggrin

edit: as far as sustainable living in NZ (re orig post) Personally I love Whangaparaoa, just out of auckland enough to be out of the city but close enough to study in Auckland
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Are you up for it?

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Location: Brisbane, Queensland

I voted for 1 nation mostly because they hate drugs and welfare spunges, for the greens in the hope some of them still remember there ment to be promoting the environment instead of promoting canabis, and family first just incase they can clean up the government aswell. That makes me a true fanatic since not one of the fringe parties totally meet my requirements, and if I am mad at least I enjoy it being that way

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Location: Brisbane, Australia

Pauline Hanson's racist immigration policies bug me. Gabe's father's girlfriend, unfortunately, is a supporter of the party too, and that woman's been known to say such things as 'a pity the French didn't take over Australia and it was the British- the French would have just wiped out the aborigines.' I think that sort of viewpoint- as well as their insular views with regard to globalisation and multiculturalism are enough to negate some of their other policies, some of which unfortunately do have some practicality.

I'd like to find out why that doesn't tip the scales for you Adrian. Not that there are any really decent parties out there these days- the Greens to me are the least of the evils, but being greenies, they'll always be on the outside. I just wish Stott-Despoja had her own party and enough people to back her up.. oh well.

Groovy_DreamSILVER Member
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 Written by: The_Magnesium_Master

I voted for 1 nation mostly because they hate drugs

hatred is very unchristian.

MedusaSILVER Member
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I think there are a l of parties that hate drugs....if that is the only reason you are putting your vote in maybe you would be better off putting in a dummy vote...

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