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I was already for a spinn and then it started to pour down, We havnt had rain for months so i SHOULD be happy but im soo dissapointed i was all ready to have a spinn an all.

ahhh well just have to wait it out i guess.

while im here whats your fav song to spinn to? ubbrollsmile

k peace out my friends

~*~peace and trust takes years to build, yet takes only seconds to shatter~*~

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mudhoney "I'm spun"
psychic rain "spun out"
flypside "spun"
juliana hatfield "spin the bottle"
dead or alive "you spin me round"
three 6 mafia "ridin' spinners"

anita carter "ring of fire" and the cover versions of this one by:

Johnny Cash (1963) Roy Drusky (1964) Jerry Lee Lewis (1965) Dave Dudley (1966) Tom Jones (February 1967) Eric Burdon & The Animals (December 1968) Lynn Anderson (1969) Tommy Cash (1969) The Buckaroos (1971) Earl Scruggs (1972) Olivia Newton-John (1977) Carlene Carter (1980) Wall of Voodoo (1980) Sleepy LaBeef (1985) Dwight Yoakam (1986) The Bobs (1990) Social Distortion (1990) Frank Zappa (1991) McPeak Brothers (1992) Blondie (1993) Mark Collie (1994) Dick Dale (1994) Ed Kuepper (1994) Dan Lund (1994) Martin Belmont (1995) Stop (1995) Bhundu Boys & Hank Wangford (1996) Mark A. Humphrey & Friends (1997) David Allan Coe (1998) The Caravans (1999) The Earls of Suave (1999) Henry Boy (2000) The Mighty Echoes (2000) The Du-Tels (2001) Three Bean Salad (2001) Billy Burnette (2002) Latz (2002) James Carr (2003) Michel Montecrossa (2003)

along with songs from Spin Doctors of course wink


ever spun in the rain?

the best smiles are the ones you lead to wink

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