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I went into a disclosed fist last saturday night... well it was undisclosed on my jaw... by accident - from my side... had nothing to do with the initial fight just seperated them - but this bloke was just straight aggessive and mixed me up with the other guy............................


however he must have had something solid in his fist and hit me on my left jaw (swing from the lower kind)... the impact was severe - although no bleeding or fracture on the jaw as I assume.

I don't so much mind the swelling that occures at the point of impact - what bothers me is that the place where my jaw meets the skull ON THE OPPOSITE side is hurting so much that I can hardly chew my food (FOR 3 consecutive days now!!!) frown

I'm in Indonesia and have neither much money, nor much time to visit the doc - hence I wonder whether this is something serious... confused

Anyone hass some experience?

I'd appreciate any input or advice...


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you mean you're in Indonesia without insurance????? eek

Take the time and money and visit a doc if you can hug

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i dont know much but i do know that when there is an impact on the skull, it travels through and and there can be damage at the 'exit' point, if i were you and its still bad id go get it checked! hug hope your ok smile

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Well, the jaw is a big hinge. Move one side and the other side moves too. You might well have fractured something or strained a muscle. If you're hurting that bad go and see a doctor! It's stupid not too, especially as it's your jaw! If you haven't got time to make sure a crucial component of your body isn't damaged badly then I can only assume you're carrying out life saving operations and the fate of the nation lies in your hand wink

And as Birgit implies, your insurance should pay for an 'accident' that would mean you had to see a good clinic doctor.

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I wouldn't worry too much, I mean, who spins with their jaw?

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Hey Tom, I've been in the exact same situation in a non-exact way biggrin Hopefully this might give you some reassurance.

Was doing a waistwrap a few months ago when one of my sock poi (rubber/foam core ball) copped me hard on the right cheek. Well, just below the right cheek, on the jaw bone.

Within a couple of minutes, the left (opposite) side was hurting as if it had become dislodged or hit directly. Was pretty hard to chew or open my mouth wide for at least 3 weeks.

It helped to occasionally rub it where the joint of the left side of the jaw met the skull- i.e. just in front of your left earlobe.

It went away and within a month and a half, it was good as new.

ps. I was kinda mislead by the thread title. I thought it was a thread about traumatic violence (like being beaten up as a kid) having a drawn out effects on a person's psyche/social development. Could help to be a bit more specific in the future- perhaps 'jaw injury advice?' It probably also makes HoP searches provide better results for other people with similar queries. wink

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