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Posted:Hi to all
Well im not meaning this to get to all those poor peeps, who are going toi have to sit through another British Winter.....but im off to India!!!
Woooooooohoooooooooo - Got some work out there doing some Fire Performing and generally to re-invigorate, enliven and enlighten my spirit.
Wondering if there are any homeofpoi-ers going to be out there over the next 5 months?
I know Garbo's going to be out there in Feb. but im sure there's got to be some others out there b4 then
Ill be flying to Goa on the 23rd and have got the 1st gig on the 29th with more stuff in Goa in Dec. and Jodpur in Jan.
So if you about these or other places in India give me an email and we'll try to hook up 4 a spin
Bom Shiva

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