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Has anyone seen banner Poi in action? Its poi, but with very long and wide flags. I've looked online for a long time for some but I have not seen any at all. Banner poi is mentioned in the book "Poi Spinning" by Michal Kahn. Does anyone have any idea where I could get myself a Pair? redface

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If you're handy with a sewing machine, you could always make a pair...

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Banner as in advertisements? Sounds like a good way to promote well stuff!

Think you've inspired me to get the sewing machine out!


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Yeah, i've seen someone who made a pair and then tried. She kept getting tied up, so you may need to play with the lengths until it's right for you, or the type of tricks you do.
good luck


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they'd be real heavy and drag heaps.
hope you've got big strong arms and really smooth planes.

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Have played with a single HER-UGE flag... 7-8' long pole, 6'-ish flag, proper COMMUNIST REVOLUTION banner waver styleee!

Strange, then, that I found it in our local evangelical church...

So much fun, v light (just silk and dowel) and beautifully slow with all the drag. Was just messing with it for a few minutes and had people stopping and watching... all I was doing was one handed poi moves!

Must. Make. One.

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We have played with the big English Civil war flags at displays. Good to throw to each other.

Also have made some long flag poi that are maybe 6ft long on normal length poi chains. Aerobic workout plus.

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i agree with the sewing maching theory..

go out to one of these discount stores.. pound shop or equivalent or something and get urself a CHEAP single/double FLAT bed sheet and have a play with it..

firstly this is important to choose something cheap to start off with coz if ur not that confident with a sewing machine or not scissors and screw it up, you have only lost a coulple of quid instead of 10+ on a sheet!

Never under-estimate the power of a tack-shop.. er pound shop hehe..

If you get a double/king size sheet and draw out the shape you want, make sure you write down measurements etc.

Ok it may look cheap but once u have mastered the different moves with the Home-Made version you can either invest a little bit more on a better cloth sheet or find some pro flags.

Or if you are happy with the home-made versions go n buy some fabric pens or something equivalent and make ur own patterns on your masterpiece flags and make it look DAMN FUNKY!

But there again.. depending how much you love me.. i COULD point you to this site

mebbe some use? tongue

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If the cheap ones are good, you could always reuse them as ribbon poi, because the flag shape would give you really pretty tails.

right, large amounts of cheap material reqired now...


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I was wondering about them as well, but I've never seen any. I've come across some gorgoeus large flags, but nothing that could be described as a banner. In the illustration in the book, it looks like they are not attached by a stick, but string, so they differ from the conventional type of flag, but are similar to the construction of poi flags.

I think this really will be a case of experimentation with the width and length, but I would definately advise you try and find a light fabric, flags alone are very heavy, never mind banners. For experimentation, try buying from charity shops and bargin basment places, or looking through the scraps/offcuts of a fabric shop.

Good luck! Don't forget to post your results, I might have a go! Action photos would be good!

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Organza... ultra light, pretty and shimmery. Cheap too smile

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Hiya hun.....have you looked on ebay?? thats where I get ALL my poi's. Defo worth a look.

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Organza's a great idea, local costume shops may well have large offcuts, or will know where you can get some.


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