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Posted:Hello Every one,
I'm a total new comer to poi spinning, i have a beginners set of fire poi and the book poi spinning by michal kahn, as i don't know any one else who dose poi spinning i'm planning on teaching myself (i have no idea if this good or not?!) so any tips or pointer's that can be offered are more than welcome.
Many thanks.

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Posted:You have come to the right place. You can go to meet others and see if anyone id near you, and learn from the lessons on HOP or try go to the meets near (or far ) from you.

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Posted:Hey and Welcome to HoP, go to the Introductions section of this forum and make yourself an intro thread, thats what all the cool kids do smile

Also as Gnor kindly pointed out there are some good free video lessons on here right about here-ish

Good Luck

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Posted:wavehello Welcome to HOP, I know there are a few spinners in Swindon. Go to Events or Meet Others, there's a Swindon Meet coming up in February!

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Posted:hello! I live in swindon! come along to the juggling and circus skills club on tuesday nights. check out our thread in the meet others forum, under 'the swindon sessions', and also, like firetramp said, we have a meet organised for february (3-5), so check it out in the performances and gatherings section, under 'swindons first hop meet' smile

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Posted:Welcome to HOP!

Have some hugs. And general sparkley vibes. I'm in that kind of mood today.


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