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glitterfairySILVER Member
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Hi all,

I'm a newcomer to the fire twirling scene and have my heart set on learning the fire fan. I'm having a lot of trouble deciding between two different styles though - help?! (I'm skipping the 3-spokes as they're about the same price, and since I have to get used to the weight one way or another...)

Trick Concepts "Poison" fan:
^ Prettier and a touch lighter.

Home of Poi "Large" fan:
^ Heavier, not as pretty, but presumably much much better service support should something go wrong

There's little to no difference in size, so my main concern right now are handholds, and to a lesser extent, weight (I'm barely five foot tall with small hands) Videos of people using both fans show that they can both work very well, I'm just wondering whether the 4-ring is particularly easier/harder to use than the HoP 1-big-ring-and-1-small-ring? The "Poison" fan really does look a lot prettier), but I'm concerned that it's actually easier to "find" finger places on the HoP one as opposed to being co-ordinated enough to slip them into designated rings after a spin or something.

Is there anyone here that has used both designs (or even a HoP one and another design), or can shed some more light on the subject?

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Maybe this helpful information earns me a 20% commission?

Apart from that: Every firetoys preference depend on the individuals. Personally it's about dependability: can I fully trust the product I am using in a (professional) fire show? How much maintenance do I have to put on top of the initial costs?

Just recently I bought firecups for (converts) 50 Euro and they are simply coming apart every time I play with them. Easy to fix, but hey - why do I have to with a product, made by fireperformers for fireperformers? umm shrug I got some fans (made) and then wick attached to them: "Just put some superglu to the screws, they won't come apart..." Now I'm happy that I didn't have to learn better during a paid gig with the (burning) wick taking off towards the audience...

just my 2ct, while pondering whether this should be in "technical discussion".
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PinkNigelPinker than thou
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It's all a matter of personal preference... I use the Dub 5-spoke fans, and have played a bit with the HoP ones too. My preference is for the Dubs, but that may be beause those are the ones I got and learned with...

Are you in the UK? And/Or going to get to the BJC? I have my name attached to a fire fan skill swap session there (shameless plug), if you came along you could get to play with some different types to help you make your mind up...

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glitterfairySILVER Member
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Location: Australia

Possibly - sorry, I'm a newbie to the forum and didn't even realise we had a 'technical discussion' forum!

EDIT: And no, I'm not from the UK, but thanks for the offer!
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