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Forums > Social Chat > What would your evil HQ be like, if you were a bond villain?

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Flying Water Muppet
Location: Edin-borrow.
Member Since: 20th May 2003
Total posts: 5276
Posted:Well, mine would have tigers, with metal claws and machine guns on their heads. And lasers that came from their eyes.

It would also have ninja leopards.

It would be situated on a lonely cliff on an island. With a square defending wall at the base of the mountain, and inside the wall would be a disney like villiage containing the stuff needed to support my henchmen. (wifes, shops etc.)

Obviously, volcano somewhere involved in that. And a helocopter bad, and massive tunnel with a runway for aeroplanes. Plus escape routes to the sea also.

Pop up turrets with anti-aircraft guns.

and most importantly, in my huge villainous office, I would have a detailed explaination of my plan for world domination, or at least, that's my FAKE plan...

"the now legendary" - Kaskade
"the still legendary" - Kaskade

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Carpal \'Tunnel
Location: Hastings
Member Since: 2nd Jan 2004
Total posts: 4172
Posted:My evil HQ would be bright yellow with black skirting boards.


Woman! Not gay Man!
Location: Hull...ish
Member Since: 13th Oct 2005
Total posts: 332
Posted:Written by: Firepoise

Meh... I think that's a splendid idea Meg...

Confusion is the way forward... and poison arrow frogs are cute.

We could make the low ceiling-ed fluffy room into a maze... to make that trip to the loo even more fun.

would probably end up haveing disturbing yellowish stains though

I'd have to have a room with padded walls for when i get a bit...em...u know.... but padding with springs in it

anyhoo I've gotta go babysitting MWAH HA HA HA




Location: Berkshire, UK
Member Since: 2nd Apr 2003
Total posts: 1576
Posted:ooo has anyone played Evil Genius? Great game.

As regards to mine.... I would be lost without bean bags....

Eviiiil bean bags of dooooooooooooom!



Location: The village of Edinburgh
Member Since: 28th Jul 2004
Total posts: 220
Posted:Evil genius, had forgotten about that game. Must find it and buy it smile

The insults of your enemy are a tribute to your bravery wink



Look! I'm Darth Bunny!
Location: Sunny South Africa
Member Since: 2nd May 2005
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Posted:Evil genius is lots of fun, specially the traps! Yeah, my base would have lots of traps like swinging flaming blades of doom and confusion and so forth... yeah... traps

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