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I know this thread has been done probaly millions of times but after doing a search i couldn't find anything very relative to what i wanted to know. Basically i want to learn a few new moves including:
reverse 5 beat weave
BTB 5 beat weave
Any Flowers

I can almost do the reverse 5 beat its just i can't get the final beat in. I can do all the spins on the left side of my body and then on the right i become stuck with the last spin confused Any help deffinatley needed!!!!

With BTB 5 beat weave i just don't no where to start. I can do BTB behind back but after that i can't get my mind around what to do next. confused

Also flowers, my mate can do them and they look awesome but he just can't explain them very well so any help will be most appreaichated. cool

Sorry if this thread been done before but my search didn't prove any help.


Whats the worst thing i can say???


Whats the worst thing i could say?

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look in the 'helpful advice threads'. Despite the name it is very helpful.... wink

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theres a huge 'all about flowers' thread i think if you cant find anything. smile

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[Old link]


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