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I've recently recieved some chain poi (for my birthday) and, as much as I love them, I've noticed that one chain has an extra link (or the other is missing a link?). One chain has 35 links, the other 34. Has anyone else found this with their chains or have an easy way to remove a chain link?

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1 chain link shouldn't really make any difference to your spinning so I would just leave it. If you're really intent then you should be able to do it with a pair of pliers, depending on the chain, but this will weaken the chain and make it very likley that the link will open up again.

If they are fire poi, then you should definately leave them, as it is too dangerous to have a weak link, and like I say, won't affect your spinning.

Unless they are attached to the handles or poi head in a way where you can fix the chain to the handle/poi head without having to open up a link on a chain, in which case you could remove the one on the end, if you are really bothered.

But my advice would really be just to leave them, its not worth it and will make no difference.

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Just get some sort of wire cutter and cut one link off. Should be very easy.

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OKay, thanks. I should be able to cut one link off the end pretty easily. I just wanted to make sure before doing so. I though maybe they were meant to be like that. <_<

Thanks once again. You've put my mind at ease.

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biggrin hehehe.

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defiiently sort them out so they are the same lentgth, spinning with different length poi is extra confusing.

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although.. too different length chains is a ready-made excuse for anything poi related. could come in handy?

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sometimes i use one rediculously short chain or rope or whatever. It makes for a cool effect. Can't do anything advanced with it because it throws the balance off.

Anyway! cutting one link off THE END shouldn't be terribly hard. I know I'm anal about my chains being the same. I made my current set and had to count the links about 7 times just to make sure they were even.

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My current set is completely even(made them myself) but I have been working on uneven lengths. The balance is messed up but you can also use that to your advantage and start working on moving the shorter poi indepedantly and can come up with some interesting stuff. It takes a lot of cordination but it is something to think about.

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