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Posted:Okay, I know this is a kind of lame question and I feel a little embarrassed to ask it, but here goes...

I get blisters when I spin Sock Poi. I wrap the end of the sock around my hand a couple of times, and have the rest of the sock coming off the back of my hand in between my first two fingers - this is the area that tends to blister. I assume it's because that area gets sweaty whilst spinning and the sock moves around in that area a lot. (I am holding the Sock Poi correctly, aren't I? Does/has anyone else blistered in this area?)

Anyway, I've been wrapping bandaids around the bottom of my fingers to lessen the pain whilst spinning. The problem with this is that they don't look very nice and have to be replaced constantly.

If anyone here watches Australian Idol, Lee Harding (the "punk" guy) wears these fingerband things that look like they're made of fabric. I thought they'd be a suitable alternative to bandaids because they at least look a little better and probably wouldn't need to be replaced over and over.

So does anyone know where to get these things from? There's a picture of him wearing them here:
Otherwise, what else could I use instead of bandaids? Someone in another thread suggested covering the bandaids with duct tape, but I don't want my fingers to be sticky or anything. Any ideas?


(And yes, I have done a search, and I know that there are countless threads on blisters, and I have read many of the them - but since I have a specific question about where to buy fingerbands I thought I was entitled to my own thread. I actually went to the Australian Idol fan forums and made a post about it there, but I'm not counting on those people to respond with anything useful!).

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Posted:I was wondering how you would tie those two topics together!

I say try it if you want hey, there is no harm in the fingerbands...
I found this for you... scroll down to see piccys of the finger bands

clicky clicky
If I remember right there is a shop in melbourne that sells them. I have no idea what it is called but I know its down an alley on the same street where the ministry of style is.
Im sorry I cant tell ya what its called but I dont live there and I dont have a good memory for names.
Hope it helps anyway! biggrin

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Posted:Can you change your grip and see if that helps. Or attach handles to your socks when you know what length you like.

The firstest set of tennis ball Poi i made had string handles same as the string on the length of the Poi and I had horrid blisters until I discovered handles and now socks ubblove

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Posted:In the meantime, after you have made yourself a nice cup of tea (as far as i know, only normal tea works, but herbals probably do too) let the teabag cool down a little and then put it on your blisters and squeeze some of the liquid onto your blisters and let them soak a bit.

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Posted:You could try tight fingerless leather gloves. You can get those from most cycling shops.

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Posted:Or methylated spirits rubbed on the area few times a day and left to evaporate... (Old guitarist trick to toughen fingertips) Toughens the skin.

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Posted:I get blisters pretty much every time I use my aerotech's for any length of time, because the lace rubs.... I've been on stage with bleeding hands - I so feel your pain!! hug

Everytime I get a blister - people tell me it'll toughen the skin and it'll stop blistering soon. 3 years later, and it's not happened yet! ubblol

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Posted:metho is meant to be good... we're recomended to use that to toughen our feet before big hikes so we dont get blisters biggrin


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