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Posted:Currently, when looking through the main forum index, where the lastest post in each section is shown, i've noticed that some threads are not displaying the correct title.

For example, a thread titled as 'CoL 2005: what do you think?' (appropriately so,since the thread is about opinions of COL); is currently showing in the main index as

'Re: Vegemite ROCKS!'

this is not the only thread where this seems to be happening; does anyone know what's going on here?

It is a forum guideline that all thread titles be meaningful and relevant, so it would be good if this could be sorted out as, anyone clicking on those particular thread title is going to be dissapointed as to its content.

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Posted:all fixed .... kinda smile

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Posted:The fix won't affect existing threads as it's a bit of a patch job. If anyone can work out how to change the title of this from "couldnt resist trying smile" let us know how you did it.



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Posted:trying something...<edit> worked smile
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