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Good Evening all you exciting people out there!

I have been trying to google and search on this site after
a poi/fire community in Oslo, Norway - but to no success so far, unfortunately.
I am normally based in London, but I got one month to spend in Oslo, and one month without fire is rather sad, I must admit.
So - IF there are anyone out there who will be in Oslo or in the area during July, please let me know - and we can share some beers and fire up. (Not necessarily in that order)

Also: Anyone got a clue on Norwegian rules when it comes to fire up your pois? :p

- Totten

RooikatBRONZE Member
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Location: Norway

Hei Totten,

I am sure there is a fire community here in Norway, but I have yet to find it...Norwegians can be quite reclusive people sometimes... ;-)

I have not seen any rules or regulations, but normally in Winter its not a problem...but in Winter you will not be outside as it is too Cold.

In summer Things get a bit more tricky. Law states no open fires in the forested regions, unless it is a designated fire pit area. And then fires are only allowed in the pit itself, and not on the end of a Chain been spun about.

Problem is that the forests cover almost the entire country and With how dry (yes even in Norway) the summers can be, the risk of an accidental wild fire is too great.

However...if you were to practice on the Beach, it should be ok.

Presume this reply came to late for Your trip, but hope it was a good one!

kamile.rasteneBRONZE Member
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Location: United Kingdom

Any updates on this?
I am considering moving to Oslo, hence it would be good to know if any kind of poi spinning exists there.


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