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Posted:When are you to old?


30 35 40 45 older when your bored with it

when you find someone you trust to continue running burn night [/poll]

So i dont know how to post a poll. shrug

I just want to know...how much longer do you think you can keep this up? You cant keep spining and learing forever...there are limits. There are also limits (iv recently found) to what you want to learn, there are alot of moves i just dont have any urge to learn.

This question stems from seeing alot of people who use to come through here not being here any more. I know alot of them just stoped posting, but quite afew more have stoped spinning eek ubbloco frown Its simple, you cant spin forever (altho i try) eventually you will :

A : get to old

B : get bored

C : find something else

Every year i say " im getting to old for this censored wink * And im going to retire soon ubblol BUT IT WILL NOT BE THIS DAY!!! Im not going to fade out ima go out in a BANG!!! I know damn well i cant keep this up forever, and as you get older you get slower and you moves dont seem to meash as well any more shrug but i know that ill have to stop one day...but im resisting for now... how long can one resist though? Im still having fun....and i still love the fire

Sry this is not just myself but iv seen alot of guys quit and alot more (right now) verging and fading out.

Anyway i dont want to fade out... but i dont know... how do you know when you have finally come to a end to something great? When do i pass my "use by" date? redface

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Posted:Well.. hopefully there's no age limit, cause I'm over 30 and I just got started biggrin

Why does one have to quit? I see very old folk doing tai chi, why not spinning poi? I don't plan to quit anytime soon..

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Posted:Yeah... It may not be as huge a part of my life as it is now forever, but I will always know how. Im sure Ill be spinning at least once in a while for as long as I physically can.

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Posted:when it stops making you feel good.

The only limits are in your head.

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Posted:i was teaching a guy in his 50s the other week

and the maori women still do it well into their later years

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you are too old for it when you no longer enjoy it.

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Posted:i haven't given up quite yet...

i'll post here again when i do smile

cole. x

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Posted:when you get bored AND find something else. It's easy to keep on going when you're bored, not quite so easy if there's nothing else to fill the void.

I think when you get too old, you just start to slow down, instead of starting to give up.

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Posted:Well, I remember Sage sad:

"Maybe I will stop spinning with fire, but I'll never stop Poi."

Im with her,
I want my chidren to play with Poi and teach'em and you know how are children right now, they are able to learn everything smile




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Posted:some friends of mine said: "finally we've found sth we can do till we're 60 without getting bored" - and that is already three or four years ago!
I've seen them spinning and their style changed and the variation of moves and movement.....etc., but even to me.....it won't stop soon, perhaps never, at least not as long as i've found a proper substitude.....and that won't be easy to find, bloody....., but as i'm pretty happy with all that (fire)poi-staff-fan-thing...i am not even thinking about stopping that, it helps me even when i'm not in the mood of continuing my work for university, then i play poi for a little (or long) while and afterwards my brain is even able to pick up some art stuff for university again....

...so keep on spinning............till??? no expiry date till now!



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Posted:stop what




p.s. big love big dragon, get someone else to run that sucker...

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Posted:I wonder how many people who posted here are over 30? Or even have kids!

Written by:

I want my chidren to play with Poi and teach'em and you know how are children right now, they are able to learn everything

I hear you Richee smile

Thats WHAT IM TALKIN! ubblol Maybe i should just defer wink or i could reitre right now wink before they put me in a home for old spinners ubblol

Unless im "retired" in the sith sence wink

/me watch's his back


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Posted:I'm over 40, and I don't see age as a limiting factor at all. Poi spinning is just not that physically demanding, not like mogul skiing or kickboxing or going out to the bar and getting hammered every night. wink

Dragon7, are you using the getting too old idea as an excuse for boredom? Maybe you're just loosing interest,,,,,it happens.

I've seen your videos, you're good,, and you have enough moves to keep yourself occupied without having to worry about the whole jedi thing. If you don't have time to explore something like atoms, so what? Be happy with what you know, work with it and then consider learning what you want, when you want.

Maybe I'm off base here, but I don't think so. I've seen my fair share of loosing interest threads in the 2 years I've been visiting this site but I've never seen age as and excuse, I don't buy it.


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Posted:Thanks Stout!

Im not getting bored with spinning smile i spin every day not as often as i use to but still alot and i still enjoy it to smile

I think i shouldnt post when hung over wink I guess its a combination of things. Im sick of being the "rock". You know, im sick of organising people, ringing people, making [censored] happen, backing people... when they want fire a troup.... and they they dont turn up or dont even try... i want to fall off! Im not the rock! I think about letting it go... but then i go last night and friends come and burn and have a great time and it all smiles and i feel much much much better now smile

I just hope some one reads this somewhere and says "thanks" to the guy(s) thats organised their burn... that all it takes

Because I just want to sit and watch the peoples dance and not have to deal with fire politics

And aside from that, i just see people who inspired me ALOT and they are not spining much and i wonder... and it all gets confungled together especially after iv been drinking, it brings me down, and i wonder when im going to fall off shrug it wont be today... but how much longer?

I'll always do poi, but fire and organising burns... im not sure. Ill try to make it to winter wink


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Posted:you're never too old - i'm being buried with my poi so i can spin in the afterlife....

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Posted:Glad to hear it's not really an age or spinning issue at all just the usual frustration of dealing with flakey firespinners. Sounds like your spinning community has alot in common with ours.

You teach, but they don't practice.
You organize, but they don't show up, and if they do, quite often they've neglected to bring fuel.

I'm sure they appreciate your efforts, but might not know it, that's why it seems like they maybe taking them for granted. I suggest casually letting them know that sometime in the near future you may be bowing out in your role as organizer and does anybody have any suggestions as to who might pick up the slack ?

good luck


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Posted:Written by: Dragon7

I wonder how many people who posted here are over 30? Or even have kids!

I know one guy for sure who's over 30 and has a kid wink and I have a new one too! biggrin but don't plan to stop coming here or spinning or meeting up with folks for a play or stop running the best spinning festival there is biggrin

It's all about the person, I think age etc has no real ipmact. Sure you get older, you have more responsibilities and your life gets busier with things that aren't hobbies, but you keep what's closest and lose the rest to suit. If your closest thing is spinning/juggling etc it'll keep happenning, if not they'll make the choice to leave it behind, but I'm sure they'll come back every once in a while a realise they can still bust it out if they want to smile

Good thread Dragon smile hug

Let's relight this forum ubblove


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Posted:hug THANKS Dunc!

You have totally re-kindled my hope in hop and spinners in general!!!

There are so many fools in the world that stuff things up for all of us and im glad there are people who level that out and make up for all the bad stuff! I hope to be one of them ubbangel wave

/me puts "play" on list of things to do

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Posted:Im close to fourty and still spin regularly and my kids pick up my poi and staffs but arent interested in formally leaning them at all.
I think spinning will probably wane out of my general life in a few years to be picked up and played with occasionally.
In December mum and I are planning to do some poi and kites with a seniors group here. Will report back them.

Most of my obsessions last a few years then go into the shed. its the lovely ppl that I keep meeting through poi that have kept my interest I think.

Mum is 75 and loves spinning as well. She finds it really hard to pick up new moves though but its really good for her mobility.

Im going to try make poi from stress balls for the seniors so I dont get them bruised. wink

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Posted:Well, I'm 52 and have been playing around for 10 years or so. More into it now than I ever have been, cos I am inspired by the people around me... and cos it's so good for me, physically and mentally.

There's been lots of other things i've been well into in my life, percussion, writing, work etc...they've all fed the things that have come after, even if I don't do them so much now...

And um maybe this is a bit cheeky Dragon7, but to me it sounds like drinking (to the point of bumming your next day) is more a thing to be focused on the letting go of...As for the 'over being a rock' thing.. oh yeah, I been a mum for 25 years, not to mention a host of other rocktype activities. Sure, let it go... do what brings you joy and your 'rock' nature will return when it's appropriate... you will want to support others again, I mean, and facilitate things.. from a sense of freedom and fullness maybe, not pressure...

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Posted:great topic!
i will twirl till i drop or the courts order me so.

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