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Posted:This question stems from a conversation that a friend of mine started in the pub last night.

If you could invent one thing that would change the world, what would it be???
But it cannot be a massive change (like a cure for cancer etc etc), it has to be an 'iccle thing that only you would see the significance in.

Mine would be this:
I would electrify the walls in sub-ways, so when drunks, waifs and strays have a tinkle they get a nasty shock in their most sensitive area!!!
Thus getting rid of the stench of urine in sub-ways

Get the idea????
The entire pub ended getting involved in this last night, and we had some amazingly funny answers. Lets see what you can come up with.
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Posted:a would invent a micro-chip to put in my supervisors head which made his head tingle or scream nasty things at him everytime he raised his voice or swore at his machine!

yeah- like the machine can hear you and understand what yer saying... jack ass

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Posted:I'd develop a implant that would allow you to listen to any music you want in your mind. Your brainwaves would navigate the playlist, you'd be able to select whatever song you want with a simple thought. It's be like having winamp in your mind. Of course there would have to be some base computer somewhere where you'd store your playlist, but the range would be soo broad that you could go bascially anywhere and still get the reception. Or if you didn't want the hastle of setting up your own personal playlist, you could set the reception for satalite radio with just a simple thought as well.

*dreamy sigh*

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Posted:Jello, that is fantastic!
You rock!

I want a little flashing sign for the rear window of my car. I could tap a button and it would flash:



Back off, please!


Nice car! ( )

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I've always wanted one of those signs for my car

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Posted:OMG jade! I was just thinking about that the other day!

I was thinking more on TOP of my car, where everyone can see, front and back. but yeah! very similar idea



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Posted:I would invent a machine that made the snow warm... Whi! Snowborading naked!
Hi hi..

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Posted:I would invent a transporter - like in Star Trek so you could be anywhere in the world you wanted in an instant!



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Posted:Tissues with little targets printed on them

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Posted:A phone attachment that could play music for those long awkward silences when no one can think of what to say...

It was a day for screaming at inanimate objects.

What this calls for is a special mix of psychology and extreme violence...


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Posted:Ok, a boon to waitresses that have had to deal with @$$holes, a machine that as soon as you enter the restaurant, you instantly become polite and sweet. No more customers trying to argue with you over the menu because they saw the words "Choice of French fries, onion rings, soup, or salad" and thought that meant "Choice of french fries, or onions rings, AND Soup or Salad."

I had to deal with that yesterday, and it pissed me off, cause he was giving me trouble the entire time he was there.

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Posted:There's already a telepotation device like that. Noona received one at the first Clapham PiP.

I know cos i gave it to her.

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