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Hello fellow pyronauts!
When watching my schools fire performance group, I realized that our performances are sadly restricted by gravity. Aside from the occasional flurry of throws, all of our fire spinnings stay on ground level, which in my mind hampers our coolness. I thought that a good way to fix this problem without costly powerrisers or the like would be to put various toys and flaming objects on long poles.
Are pole poi, multi headed pole poi possible, or does it take too much stregnth to spin at the end of a stick? I was thinking to use telescoping pruning saw staves as the basis for my deviancy.

Oye. Thanks alot.

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If you can dream it, you can do it!

Don't forget, there's always staff wink

Let us know how it turns out.


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Written by: sparkey!

Don't forget, there's always staff wink

Exactly what I was going to say biggrin

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what a cool idea cool

let us know how it goes...

cole. x

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oooh you mean like puppet poi, far above the madding crowd?

ditto wot cole sed

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yeah like flaming halberds with snakes on them, or something like the windsocks on sticks you see at parades. Thats a sweet idea simian! a set of poi / flammable maniquin/ on a stick that you can manipulate with strings. hmm. that sounds almost feasible too. too bad kevlar and fuel weigh so much- fire kites might be sick too if possible.

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I do a few throws with both staff and pois. But i gess thats not what u are looking for

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